Character Bios

Character Bios

Major Characters

Zeke Anderson

Myron Goldman

Scott Baker

Roger Horn

Marvin Johnson

Randy “Doc” Matsuda

Danny Percell

Alberto Ruiz

Marcus Taylor

Rusty Wallace

Alex Devlin

John J. McKay

Jennifer Seymour

Carl Brewster

Francis “Doc” Hockenbury

Minor Characters

Carol Anderson

Katie Anderson

Martin Goldman

Mrs. Goldman

William Griner

Nikki Raines

Thomas “Pop” Scarlet

Disclaimer: Tour of Duty and its characters are the property of Zev Braun Productions and New World Productions. No copyright infringement is intended. Although these fictional biographies are deduced or inferred from the original programs, all conclusions about the characters are my own. I would like to thank Mr. Lee Russell, military advisor to Tour of Duty, 1987-1989, for his assistance with my efforts.