Ranks of the characters in Tour of Duty

Ranks of the characters in Tour of Duty

Note: The rank of Specialist 4 at the time was written as SP/4 or Sp/4, but pronounced “Spec 4.”



Zeke AndersonStaff Sergeant first and second season. Promoted to Sergeant First Class in “Doc Hock” – third season.


Scott BakerPFC (Private First Class) first season. His rank is SP/4 during his single appearance in the third season in “The Ties That Bind.”


Eddie BellPFC – third season


Carl BrewsterColonel – third season


DalbyLieutenant Colonel. Only appeared in the first season.


DarlingMajor – second season


Martin GoldmanMajor General (Retired). Appeared in the first season ep Blood Brothers and the third season ep “I Am What I Am.” (Special note- was the rank of Lieutenant Colonel when he won the Medal of Honor in WWII.)


Myron Goldman2nd Lieutenant for first season. Becomes “ranking officer”* upon Wallace’s death in “Pushin’ Too Hard.” 1st Lieutenant for the second and third seasons.

*Per Lee Russell: All first lieutenants were automatic promotions from second lieutenant after one year’s service at the lower rank. At the time of “Pushin’ Too Hard” we might assume that yes, Goldman was the ranking platoon leader and had to temporarily take over Bravo Company, then in contact with the enemy. The end of the episode was intended to convey both the continuity of military command and the end of Goldman’s “probationary” period as a leader.


William GrinerPFC – third season


Larry HeathCaptain – appeared only in “Under Siege,” first season.


Francis “Doc” HockenburyComes in as PFC at the beginning of the third season. At some point his rank was moved up to SP/4. (I don’t have the exact episode when the rank started showing on his uniform.)


Roger HornPFC until “Nowhere to Run” where his rank then becomes SP/4 for the remainder of first season.


Marvin JohnsonSP/4 for the first and second seasons. Promoted to Buck Sergeant in “The Luck.”


Randy MatsudaMedic: SP/4. Killed in action December 1967 (after Captain Wallace) in “Under Siege,” first season.


John J McKay1st Lieutenant seasons 2 and 3.


Daniel PercellThis one is complicated. For the pilot movie, he was Corporal. But that was a technical error and when Mr. Russell signed on to do the series, Danny’s rank was changed to PFC. He would remain PFC till the third season when he was promoted to SP/ 4 in “The Ties That Bind.”


Alberto RuizPFC first and second season. Promoted to SP/4 in “The Ties That Bind.”


Pop ScarletPFC (busted several times from Sergeant) – third season.


Jennifer SeymourDirect commission to Major in “Terms of Enlistment” – second and third seasons.


Marcus TaylorPFC first season. SP/4 second season and part of the third. Promoted to Buck Sergeant in “Dead Man Tales.”


Rusty WallaceCaptain. Killed in action December 9th, 1967, in “Pushin’ Too Hard,” first season.


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