Dr. (Major) Jennifer Seymour

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Vital Statistics:

SeymourJennifer is a contract civilian psychiatrist when we are first introduced to her. In Ep # 30- Terms of Enlistment- she accepts a commission in the Army to Major and transfers to Fort Sam Houston in Texas.

She is from Swampscott, Massachusetts, the daughter of a surgeon who was disappointed in her choice of career.

Age: Late twenties.

Physical Attributes: Jennifer is slender with dark curly hair and a warm smile. She is approximately 5’5″ or 5’6″ tall with dark blue eyes.

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  • Tan Son Nhut as a civilian psychiatrist/doctor.
  • Fort Sam Houston- under the rank of Major.


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Awards and Decorations:

  • National Defence Service Medal


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SeymourDr. Jennifer Seymour comes on the scene in Ep # 24- For What It’s Worth when Zeke rescues her from one of her patients. She is stationed at Tan Son Nhut in the Psych Ward, and is in charge of patient records. Jennifer would appear in seven episodes of season two, and in Ep # 41- Lonely at the Top in the third season. She would be mentioned a few more times throughout season three.

Jennifer is independent, tenacious and gentle. She is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to the welfare of the men she is there to help. She has an unending capacity for compassion and little tolerance for the Army’s by the book way of treating emotionally disturbed soldiers.

She smokes.

She was taught by her father how to use a gun.

She worked with Dr. Greenly in Boston before coming over to Vietnam.

Upon meeting Zeke, she becomes instantly drawn to him when she recognizes that the sergeant shares that same compassion. She can not help but be drawn to him, seeing a man that isn’t just a soldier, but someone who cares about the boys he is in charge of.

Although after their first meeting, Zeke would disappoint her by breaking into her records, she can not stay away from him as he continues to show her just how committed he is to the safety and welfare of the same men she is trying to help. And that he is willing to risk everything for those same men, including any chance he may have had to be with her.

Jennifer can not deny her feelings for Zeke, and the two become more than lovers. Despite their differences in social status and upbringing, they are clearly two souls who finally found each other; unable to deny the love they share.

Unlike Alex Devlin who would try to change Myron to make her happier, Jennifer loves Zeke exactly the way he is. She is neither ashamed of him nor frightened for him. She is instead simply understanding, supportive and very much in love. She will never ask Zeke to do anything more than be careful, knowing she fell in love with a platoon sergeant.

She accepts the commission to the Army, but makes it clear she will wait for Zeke to come to her at the end of his third tour. And when he decides that he must re-up for a forth tour, she makes it plain she understands and lets him go, giving back his ring but letting him understand he can come back to her. Jennifer recognizes those things that she loved him the most for, were those same things that were driving Zeke back to Vietnam. And that she would never ask him to change.

Although we will never find out if Zeke will eventually make it back to Jennifer, we do know she continued to love and support him during his final tour in Nam.

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Points of interest by episode (not an episode synopsis):

Season 2

For What it is Worth (Ep #24): Dr. Jennifer Seymour meets Sgt. Zeke Anderson for the first time when he helps rescue her from one of her patients that gets out of hand. While taping up a wound he suffered in the struggle, she clearly becomes intrigued and attracted to Zeke. She invites Zeke to dinner and starts to reach out to him, finding out he is divorced. She gives Zeke her keys when he has to leave abruptly. She becomes hurt and disappointed that night after she finds out Zeke had broken into her office and patient records. Jennifer would back away from Zeke to rethink her feelings of the sergeant.

True Grit: (Ep #25): Talks to Alex Devlin about battle fatigue and the Army’s policy of getting soldiers back out in the field as soon as possible. Although at first she is still clearly annoyed and hurt with Zeke, Jennifer is quick to realize what the sergeant is willing to do and risk for one of his men that is suffering from battle fatigue. She comes to realize that although they may try to handle the same situation differently, they both want the same thing. Trying to keep Zeke from an article 15, she tries to calm him down before he storms into Dr. Shivley’s office. But it is in that moment of his pure fury and frustration she sees Zeke for the man he is and just how protective of the boys he is in charge of. In a very sweet and gentle moment, she reaches out to him as they stand outside, telling him that she needs him. He walks her back to her hootch where she invites him in for a drink and eventually a kiss.

Non-Essential Personnel (Ep #26): A former colleague and lover of Jennifer’s arrives at Tan Son Nhut. Although Zeke will rethink why she would want him instead of Greenly, she never falters from her love for Zeke. In frustration she explains to him that if he just stopped feeling sorry for himself, he might see that she had fallen in love with him. Zeke, possibly afraid of being hurt again, tells her that if she stopped feeling sorry for him, she might realize she wasn’t. In a scene where Greenly plainly tries to make Zeke look like what he is- a grunt, Zeke shows Jennifer more grace than the sanctimonious Greenly by simply removing himself from the situation. She makes it clear to Zeke outside that she is exactly where she wants to be, in Tan Son Nhut, doing what she doing, and with Zeke.

Sleeping Dogs (Ep #27): Jennifer talks to Alex Devlin about Sgt. Block and snipers in general and how they are shunned. Jennifer tries to explain to her why they are often loners and sometimes take “trophies”. Jennifer comforts Zeke after he is forced to kill Block who had gone too far over the edge to be helped. As Zeke trembles and struggles with tears, she takes his hands and softly explains to him that she supports his decisions, agrees with him and would do it all over again. That she loves him for his compassion, and for his wanting to try and make it better for Block.

I Wish It Would Rain (Ep #28): A rare moment when Zeke and Jennifer were having some down time is shattered when one of Anderson’s men that she was treating goes over the edge and barricades himself in the ammo dump. She helps to distract the gung-ho MP so that Zeke can sneak in, then follows him. Over the next several hours, she gently and carefully talks Taft back from the edge, Anderson staying with her the entire time and helping. In the end, she finally is able to reach Taft, who breaks down in her arms while Anderson resets the pin in the grenade the kid had. Protective and clearly in command, she makes it clear to the MPs that Taft is her patient and responsibility and brooks no argument on the subject as she leads a broken Taft safely back to the Dispensary.

Popular Forces (Ep #29): She gets teased tenderly by Anderson when he sees her light into someone on the phone about the Dapsone for her patients. Shares a gentle moment with him, knowing he is going out in the field and tells him to please be careful. Drives into town with Taylor and Percell to get Dapsone for her patients and allows herself to be talked into going out to for lunch with the young man in charge of the pharmaceutical supplies. The kid, dressed in a CIA jacket, becomes a target for a VC in the streets and gets shot. To save them both, Jennifer is forced to retrieve his gun and shoot the VC, blood splattering across her face and lab coat. By the time she returns to Taylor and Percell, Percell immediately recognizes that she is slipping into shock and tries to keep her centered until their return to camp. He then tells Anderson upon his return from the field what had happened in Saigon. Wrapped in a robe with her hair wet, a very shaken Jennifer lets Zeke come into her hootch. She puts on a brave face and a very strained smile for Zeke who clearly recognizes she is still very upset and on the verge of breaking down. It will take Zeke’s compassion and patience to finally pull her from the edge of her shock before she finally allows herself to fall apart and cry in the safety of his arms.

Terms of Enlistment (Ep #30): Jennifer and Zeke are to go on R&R together, the two clearly in love and enjoying each other’s company. She then meets with Major Darling who offers her a commission to the Army as a Major to change the rules and regs on the Army’s way of treating its men. But he makes it clear he needs her decision immediately and she refuses it. Tells Anderson she is where she wants to be, with him and that was all she wanted. She tries to reach out to a young soldier who is accused of being a homosexual (Thayer). We get a bedroom scene here, a gentle moment of Anderson and her discussing Thayer and each other. In an effort to try and save Thayer, Jennifer takes a pistol and goes into Saigon. In trouble, she races through the dark streets into Zeke’s arms, where both Zeke and Myron rescue her from a drugged up soldier. Myron stands beside her when she makes it clear that the Army has no case against Thayer for a dishonorable discharge. In a heartbreaking scene, Zeke tells her she must accept the commission. She is clearly heartbroken but realizes why Zeke is doing this. In a final scene, as she is being sworn in by the helicopter pad, she tells Darling to wait and runs over to Zeke who watches from a distance away. With a kiss and a promise that he would come to her at the end of his tour, she finishes being sworn in, and with a final look to Zeke, climbs aboard the waiting helicopter. She would not know that Zeke had an engagement ring for her.

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Season 3

Special Note: Although Jennifer appeared only once in season three, she was mentioned in Ep #39- Doc Hock and Ep #48- Green Christmas.

Lonely at the Top (Ep #41): Zeke arrives at her office in Ft. Sam Houston and the two are still clearly in love. He teases her when she said he was early- asking if she would fraternize with him in an unlawful manner. The two go to the coast where they rent a room near the ocean. She can clearly see he is upset and distant from her though, and tries to reach him. She wants him happy, happy with her and with them. She is stunned and then delighted all at once when Zeke, confused about what he should do, gives her the ring he had meant to give her back in Vietnam. She accepts his proposal. She realizes though, later that night when he wakes from a nightmare, that she must let him do what he feels he has to do. She loves him too much to try and convince him to stay, but instead gives him back the ring and tells him to come back to her when he has finished. And if they still feel the same way about each other, he was to put the ring back on her finger. It is clear she will wait for him, her love so great that she is willing to set him free.

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