Goldman, Myron

Goldman, Myron

Lieutenant Myron Goldman “L-T”

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GoldmanVital Statistics
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Points of Interest by Episode:
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Vital Statistics:

2nd Lieutenant for the first season, 1st Lieutenant for the remainder of the series. (Although never shown, he was promoted between the first and second season.) He is from Queens, NY, the son of Major General Martin Goldman. (Side note: MG Martin Goldman was awarded the Medal of Honor as a lieutenant colonel in WWII and appeared in 2 episodes- Blood Brothers and I am What I Am)

Age: 21 years old at the beginning of the series.

Physical attributes: Myron is a handsome young man, approximately 6 feet tall, slender, well built with light brown hair and very dark brown eyes.

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Vietnam Service:

  • First Tour:Firebase Ladybird, I Corps (September 1967- January 1968) with 2nd Platoon, B (“Bravo”) Company, 3/44th Infantry Regiment, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. Platoon LeaderTan Son Nhut, III Corps (Late January (Tet)- April 1968) Platoon Leader*
  • Remainder of First Tour into Second Tour:Camp Barnett, III Corps (May 1968- ?) Team Leader for Team Viking.**

*For a very short time, he was PO (Press Officer) in Episode #26, Non-Essential Personnel
**Toward the end of the third season, would be a platoon leader again, but continue to lead SOG missions. By the end of the third season, he is once again a platoon leader.

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Previous Assignments:

Infantry OCS, Ft. Benning, Georgia (six months)

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Awards and Decorations:

  • Bronze Star- awarded in episode 21 (The Hill) and episode 45 (Thanks for the Memories)
  • Purple Heart- awarded in episode 21 (The Hill). May have received this more than once.
  • National Defence Service Medal
  • Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Combat Infantry Badge

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GoldmanLt. Myron Goldman arrives at Firebase Ladybird in September of 1967, along with PFC Danny Percell and Privates Alberto Ruiz, Roger Horn and Scott Baker. All join Bravo Company, 3/44 Infantry, commanded by Capt. Rusty Wallace. Wallace appoints him Platoon Leader of Bravo Company’s 2nd Platoon. Goldman’s character appears in the pilot episode and was featured in all 58 episodes aired.

He is Jewish.

He smokes.

Attended Infantry OCS (Officer Candidate School).

He hates snakes.

Myron is an intelligent and capable young man. He is good-natured with a dry sense of humor and a quick temper. When he arrives at Ladybird, he is young, fresh from the States and has a great deal to prove to himself and those around him. Carefully guarded, he is determined to trust no one but himself and try to live up to his father’s legacy. [Click here to read about Myron’s pre-Vietnam background.]

Myron is all spit and polish and strictly by the book, which sets him up for an immediate confrontation with his platoon sergeant, Zeke Anderson. It would be a few months before Myron is willing to trust Anderson enough to listen to his judgement without questioning it, and even a bit longer before he finally accepts Anderson’s friendship. During the episode- Under Siege, the two “harness” in together- Myron finally able to completely trust Anderson.

Adapting quickly, Myron allows Anderson to show him that not everything has to be done by the book, and to use his own good sense and judgement. Myron not only earns Anderson’s respect and loyalty, but that of his men, and most certainly those of Third Squad, most of whom would remain with him throughout his two tours. But it would be the rare friendship he has with Anderson that would help him to survive.

An Army brat, Myron is the son of Major General Martin Goldman, but the two men barely know each other. Estranged from his father since his mother’s suicide, it would be five years before Myron would see his father again when he unexpectedly arrives at Ladybird on a fact-finding tour. Myron blames his father for his mother’s death and remains bitter about it. Defensive and angry, he feels he can never measure up to his father’s expectations. Later, while Myron is at Camp Barnett, his father returns, only to tell him that he is dying of cancer.It is here that we find out more about Myron’s past, that his father struck him when Myron became hysterical over the news of his mother’s death.And that Myron retaliated. The two men would never really be able to connect, it being too late for either of them to try and work out their differences.

While still at Ladybird, Myron runs into Lt. Nikki Raines, a nurse he had fallen in love with back in the States. Pleased to find she is now at the 312th Evacuation Hospital at Chu-lai, the two are able to re-establish their relationship. The relationship would end regrettably, despite Myron’s desire to marry her, when Nikki is unable to accept that Myron could be killed while serving his tour. Not only that, she hurts him deeply when he finds out she was pregnant with his child and makes the decision to have an abortion, all without Myron’s knowledge.

Myron would quickly become involved with Alex Devlin when his platoon is transferred in January of 1968 to Tan Son Nhut, just outside of Saigon. It is here that Goldman, Anderson and the rest of Myron’s men meet the charismatic and cocky pilot- Lt. John McKay. An instant rivalry is set up between the two men when they both vie for the attention of the lady reporter. Myron wins out eventually, managing to win Alex’s attention. But, like Nikki, Alex cannot accept Myron for the combat soldier he is and sets out almost immediately trying to convince him to come out of the field. After being a POW for a few days with Anderson, Myron finally concedes to her wishes and agrees to come out of the field.

Unfortunately, Alex is killed almost within a few days of his decision, and it would be his turning point. Unable to deal with the grief of her death, Myron simply closes down emotionally and distances himself from the people he cares most about. Most of Third Squad, including the new medic- Hockenbury, would transfer over with him to Camp Barnett where they would form Team Viking. Myron becomes team leader, and after Anderson’s return from the States, soon proves that he and his men are up to the task of being a good SOG team. But while at Barnett, Myron is never seen with another woman. And it would take Zeke months of patient friendship to bring the lieutenant around to the young man his men had formerly known. Even then, it remains clear that Myron will still keep himself set apart.

Throughout all of this, Myron has the friendship and loyalty of Anderson. Despite everything the two men go through and experience, the friendship remains steadfast and solid. And although it appears that Myron and Johnny never completely connect, the two men are friends of a sort as well. Myron also enjoys the unquestionable loyalty of the men who originally came with him from Ladybird.

With the end of the series, we are left wondering if Myron will make it back. He was due to rotate home when Colonel Brewster asked him to take on one final mission. But in the last episode- Payback- which is a few months later, we see Myron still in Vietnam. He is again a platoon leader, with Zeke still at his side, and Taylor one of his squad leaders. We will never know if Myron makes it back home.

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Points of interest by episode (not an episode synopsis):

Season 1

Pilot Episode: First appearance. He and Sgt. Anderson meet for the first time. Tells Capt. Wallace he is from Queens, NY, shipped out of Travis and that he is the son of a famous colonel. Does not like Anderson at first blush.

Notes from the Underground (ep #2): First experience with tunnels- find out he “hates” snakes. After reviving Anderson after a cave-in, both end up laughing hysterically. (Does same thing in Ep #38 – The Luck.) Gets into argument with Anderson about respect, Anderson telling him he can wear the rank but has to earn the respect and Goldman sniping back that he’s seen that movie too. Says “oy” when Johnson offers him some of the roast pig.

Dislocations (ep #3): Is very attracted to a Vietnamese woman (Lang). Makes choice to disobey orders and turns radio off. Stands with his men when Ruiz mouths off to the brass.

The War Lover (ep #4): Wears a boonie (or bush) hat. For a brief moment, you do see his hair ragged up. Is completely fed up with Anderson and Michaels sniping at each other.

Burn Baby Burn (ep #6): He has no use for racism and won’t tolerate it within his command. First real mention that he’s Jewish.

Brothers, Fathers and Sons (Ep #7):Myron appears only briefly in this episode that centers on Anderson, Johnson and Baker. First, at Ladybird, when he finds out the helicopter with his men on it has gone down and later at the wrecked slick still smoldering in the jungle. He’s also in the helicopter that picks up Anderson, Johnson and Baker, but it’s a fleeting look.

The Good, The Bad, and The Dead (Ep #8): The only episode we see him wear glasses. The one time he was disappointed in Anderson. He is clearly upset that Horn is badly injured and gets into it with Anderson about friendship, loyalty and trust. When the platoon withdraws, he stays back long enough to rescue one of his men, shouldering him up and carrying him.

Battling Baker Brothers (Ep #9): Helps to find his missing man – Spc Baker.

Nowhere to Run (Ep #10): Nikki Raines is introduced when she stops over at Firebase Ladybird on a medevac. Helps Anderson fish Danny out of a boom boom parlor and gets into fight. Swings and misses, hurting his hand. Goes back to ville in order to get woman and sick child to EVAC for help. Meets up with Nikki there. We get a bedroom scene out of this. Tells Percell to do him a favor, to not get him killed before his next R&R.

Roadrunner (Ep #11): Tells Anderson he is holding up the war. Later, tries to reassure Anderson about their mission to the Dong Ho Valley. Ends up having to rely on Percell and Johnson as Anderson slowly falls apart on him. Bums a smoke from Matsuda- the only time we will see him do this. Butts heads with Anderson about hauling the wounded pilot out of the valley. Tells the chopper pilot that he will shoot him down himself if he doesn’t land.

Pushin’ Too Hard (Ep#12): Says he won’t have to trim his nose hairs for a while after watching demonstration of flame thrower. Is less than thrilled about a lady reporter going out on a mission with them. Tells Vicky Adams that you can always count on Anderson to be direct. And that being direct is a very useful tool out in the bush. Along with Anderson, constantly questions Wallace’s orders during the mission. He would be in command when Wallace is killed. Talks to the men in remembrance of Wallace in honoring his death and his life.

USO Down (Ep #13): We see the limits of his tolerance when they come across and must take with them the remaining members of a USO troop. Uses the word kvetching here.

Under Siege (Ep #14): With Firebase Ladybird under heavy fire, Goldman turns over command to Capt. Larry Heath. There is instant conflict as Goldman stands behind Anderson and his decisions. We see just what Myron is made of when the base is eventually overrun. Doc Matsuda killed here.

Gray-Brown Odyssey (Ep #16): Goldman is blinded by a fire extinguisher. After sending Horn for help, he must rely upon his prisoner, a VC woman to lead him to safety. (We see an intense side to this man here.) Also, mentioned that he spent the last few days in the nurses’ quarters. We are assuming it was with Nikki and that this is more than likely where she gets pregnant.

Blood Brothers (Ep #17): MG Martin Goldman visits Firebase LadyBird on a fact-finding mission. We find about his mother’s suicide here. And that he wanted to be an English lit teacher. Discovers with Anderson the needle marks on Alvaro. Tells Anderson he is already out on a limb. See his devotion to his men when he helps to liberate Ruiz from drug dealers.

Paradise Lost ( Ep #19): Hey, who knew he looked so good in a skirt? And we get that enchanting no holds barred smile.

Angel of Mercy (Ep #20): He gets shot here. Takes one across the temple, his C-rats stop the one to his ribs. Lots of info here… We find out Nikki has had an abortion and it was his kid. That he loves her and wants to marry her. He “John Waynes” it when Nikki is taken hostage. Tet is mentioned for the first time here.

The Hill (Ep #21): He and Nikki go on RR in Honolulu. He is decorated in this episode with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Gets into argument with Horn on why they keep taking Hill 1000 and giving it back. Nikki ends the relationship and tells him she is transferring. (She is never mentioned again in the series). Viewers’ first exposure to Agent Orange.

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Season 2

Saigon Parts 1 and 2 (Eps 22 and 23): He is a 1st Lt. now (we don’t see promotion). Everyone is transferred to Tan Son Nhut base, outside of Saigon. Takes place during Tet. Meets Alex Devlin and 1st Lt. John J. McKay. He tells Zeke while sharing a drink how he went on a classic binge when he first came “in country”. He and McKay get into each others’ faces shortly thereafter. Tells Percell he needs a priest, not a lieutenant. He and Devlin almost get killed in a bombing in town after having lunch. McKay nearly gets him killed in an innocent effort to get him away from Alex. Goldman decks McKay.

For What it’s Worth (Ep #24): Goldman snaps picture of an American prisoner being transported. The comment, made by Zeke – “I keep tellin’ ya, the boy’s not shy,” used here. He gives Zeke a hard time about not being able to con a lady doctor out of her records. Has something nasty dumped on him while questioning local civilians in Saigon after a fragging incident.

True Grit (Ep #25): Goldman gets completely drunk in the Dragon Lady Bar in Saigon after an argument with Alex. After shooting at a dartboard with his side arm, he empties the bar out in a panic, then leaves himself before the entire place is blown up by a bomb. A news camera team happens to be there and paints him a war hero, to his complete chagrin. (recounts this experience with Zeke in Ep # 52- The Road to Long Binh.

Non-Essential Personnel (Ep #26): Goldman is made PR man and taken from his combat assignment, temporarily.

Sleeping Dogs (Ep #27): Alex accompanies Goldman and his platoon as they sweep the road for mines. Gets in Sgt. Major Toliver’s face about a bargain Zeke had made earlier with him. The sergeant major threatens him, pushing Goldman into “full officer mode”.

I Wish It Would Rain (Ep #28): Goldman quiets Taft after he goes over the Cambodian boarder and kills several VC. He also, in a chilling account, tells a civilian exactly what it was like for Short Round to be blown in half by a mine but still be alive. He is shown slow dancing with a nearly nude Alex Devlin. Along with McKay and some of his men, he also goes after Percell and Taylor in Cho Lan.

Popular Forces (Ep #29): Goldman in bed with Alex here. Get some of his humor throughout – Zeke: “You wanna add anything to that, L-T?” Goldman: “No, I think that about covers it.” Said in response to Vin’s orders to his troops. Also helps to find Alex when she goes missing after being left in a village by McKay.

Terms of Enlistment (Ep #30): Gives Zeke his blessing to marry Jennifer. Says he won’t report Zeke out after curfew because he goes with him into Saigon to look for Jennifer.

Nightmare (Ep #31): Goldman and McKay talk about McKay’s mother’s birthday. Goldman organizes his men to help search for McKay. He also speaks with McKay’s mother and wishes her a happy birthday as he reassures her that her son is fine.

Promised Land (Ep #32): Racism is again touched on, Goldman showing no tolerance for it. Brings Zeke to airport to escort his friend’s body home. Saves Lt. Douglas from a fragging. Goldman in a warmer moment plays basketball with Lt. Douglas and the men from both platoons.

Lonesome Cowboy Blues (Ep #33): See him balk at the thought of “interrogating” a Vietnamese boy. First time we see him “war” paint it up. Goes in with Anderson on a two-man suicide mission.

Sins of the Father (Ep #34): First time in a long time that Goldman and Anderson don’t agree with each other. Celebrates 22nd birthday. See the pure officer in this when he gets in Cassidy’s face. Tells Alex he will no longer do favors for his father. He is closing in on the end of his tour when he tells Lt. Hughes he can almost count the days until he leaves.

Sealed with a Kiss (Ep #35): Goes on mission with Navy Seal and Anderson. Shows explosive temper with Alex night before. Second time he wears head rag (do rag) in series. Bit by scorpion during mission, but continues to gut it out. (Throws up.) Forces chopper back to retrieve Anderson. While recovering from the poison at the dispensary, tells Anderson that he will make it back in the real world. Alex dumps him.

Hard Stripe (Ep #36): Myron has to rely on McKay to get him back on the ground when the chopper pilot and co-pilot are shot, leaving only Goldman to fly the ship. Asks Alex to dig up info on Jim Doyle.

The Volunteers (Ep #37): Goldman and Major Darling have a difference of opinion on enemy troop buildups. Goldman gets shot in leg, Anderson staying behind with him. The two are pinned down, unable to escape and call artillery down on their position. We last see them as they jump up in an effort to take as many of the enemy with them as they can.

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Season 3

The Luck (Ep #38): Goldman and Anderson are taken prisoner. Goldman tries to talk to an older Vietnamese woman who only ends up spitting in his food. Both he and Anderson end up laughing hysterically when one of the guards pisses on another VC by accident. Escapes with Anderson with the help of a Vietnamese boy. Wakes up back at dispensary with Alex there watching him.

Doc Hock (Ep #39): Goldman tells Zeke he has decided to come out of the field. Alex gifts him with a walking stick (cane). Is less than thrilled with Nurse Pritchard, asking where she got her bedside attitude. Has last fling with Alex, later, in the dispensary. Gets into it with Alex when she decides to stay for a story, but not for him. Alex dies in his arms after a bombing in Saigon. Heartbreaking scene when Anderson comes out to him to tell him the men are sorry. See him in Class B uniform here.

The Ties that Bind (Ep #40): He, along with Anderson, Taylor, Ruiz, Percell, Johnson and Hockenbury are transferred to MACV headquarters at Camp Barnett. Cannot speak at Alex’s memorial back at Tan Son Nhut. Tells Zeke to go home, that he is staying with the men. Tells Colonel Brewster that his men have already proven themselves. Tells McKay to leave him alone. Comes to the edge and kills two VC bodyguards and almost kills the tax collector until his men talk him down. Collects up Alex’s personal effects and some of her articles and shares a drink and one her stories with McKay.

Lonely at the Top (Ep # 41): Goldman still does not have Anderson. Tells Johnson that mistakes were made, but that he trusts his instincts.

Bodyguard of Lies (Ep #42): Anderson is back. Goldman meets up with Lt. Skip Beller, an old friend of his from OCS. The Phu An massacre takes place. Goldman tells Brewster that he had been at that edge, had looked over it but did not cross it. And that Skip was once his friend.

Necessary End (Ep #43): Goldman takes team Viking into Cambodia to snatch an NVA defector. We see him use a different handgun and silencer in this episode.

Cloud Nine (Ep #44): Will not help Zeke and the team rescue Danny. Pressures Brewster on Phu An massacre.

Thanks for the Memories (Ep #45): Awarded second Bronze Star. Goes on last minute mission to blow up a hidden fuel depot with Colonel Brewster and Team Viking. Shares Thanksgiving dinner with his men. Colonel Brewster tells him that he has a fine group of men, and to make sure he takes care of them and that they never go hungry for food or compliments.

I Am What I Am (Ep #46): Myron’s father returns for the second time to tell him he is dying. We get a great deal more background on Myron here. Nearly hits him first night, when his father said it was his mother who had an affair. We find out that his father hit him when he became “hysterical” over his mother’s death, and that Myron hit him back. His father gives him his Medal of Honor before leaving.

World in Changes (Ep #47): Does not approve of Fontaine’s throwing Vietnamese out of helicopters. Almost gets shot in guard tower while talking to McKay. See the loyalty of Zeke and Team Viking when Fontaine thinks he can take over a mission. Helps to rescue Taylor and Johnson who get taken prisoner.

Green Christmas (Ep # 48): Exchanges presents with Zeke, who gives him a transistor radio. He gives Zeke a bottle of liquor. Rides with his men and McKay to orphanage to celebrate Christmas. Says “Ho, ho, ho” to Ruiz. Tells Anderson “And I got you,” in conversation outside orphanage while watching for snipers.

Odd Man Out (Ep #49): Tells Taylor that he would write him up if he thought he was out past curfew. Keeps baby quiet during mission to secure the mother. Tells Taylor that he could “kill a baby” if he had to, to protect his men. See that dazzling smile light up his whole face first time the entire season, when Anderson makes it to the village. Destroys expensive statue at local Vietnamese Province Chief’s home.

And Make Death Proud to Take Us (Ep #50): Ends up with McKay as hootchmate, empties half a clip into the floor to silence McKay’s music. Takes out a platoon of FNG’s. Unable to help Anderson, Taylor and Percell when they get overrun at their position.

Dead Man Tales (Ep# 51): After having 3 of his men killed in “friendly fire” by Johnny’s door gunner, gets into it with McKay who won’t leave it alone. We see him reading here. Nearly gets shot again, with McKay while apologizing for what he had said the night before. Tells Colonel Stringer he stills wants Bell to get his medal, even though the boy is dead.

The Road to Long Binh (Ep #52): He and Anderson about the only two people in all of Camp Barnett to NOT get food poisoning. Famous bar scene in Tay Ninh, he and Anderson get very drunk. See Myron with an afro (briefly). Gets black eye in another bar during a brawl started by Digby. Lets Digby go free in the end.

Acceptable Losses (Ep #53): Goldman is forced to leave Taylor and Ruiz behind during a mission. Convinces Colonel Stringer to delay the bombing while he and his men go back to look for Taylor and Ruiz. McKay finds him in one of his ships, thinking. They discuss what went wrong.

Vietnam Rag (Ep #54): Goldman is a platoon leader again.

War is a Contact Sport (Ep #55): Goldman pulls Doc from team after a tragic incident. He is thrilled with the return of Colonel Brewster. Conversation with Doc on ideology and reality.

Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue (Ep #56): Dressed in Class B uniform in much of this episode. Testifies at the hearings for Phu An. (See him nervous during his testimony). His friend, Bellar, kills himself before Myron can stop him.

The Raid (Ep #57): Find out he is “short”, rotating out at end of month. Brewster recounts his sadder moments for him that happened during his tour. Volunteers for very high risk mission. Tells Doc that unless he is willing to carry a weapon and kill with it, he can’t go. Agrees after Doc leaves that the war does suck. Tells wounded and recovering Brewster that Pop and McKay are to be shipped to Japan. Says goodbye to Ruiz and Percell before they jump on a chopper and leave for home. (We do not see him in any final scene with McKay)

Payback (Ep #58): Takes place a few months after the fallout from The Raid – he is still in Nam with Zeke and Taylor – safe to assume he extended his tour. He is a platoon leader again.

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