PFC Scott Baker

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Vietnam Service

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Vital Statistics:

A PFC first season, Scott is promoted to Specialist after he leaves Firebase Ladybird and takes duty in General Elliott’s motor pool as a driver. Scott has a more outgoing twin brother, Karl, who comes to Firebase Ladybird in the episode The Battling Baker Brothers. Scott is from Anaheim, California.

Age: 18. In The Battling Baker Brothers when Rusty is afraid he has to write Scott’s mother about both boys missing in action, he notes that he doesn’t understand why the Army let both brothers come to Vietnam. Myron replies that they apparently both wanted to be here.

Physical Attributes: Blond and handsome, Scott is a strapping young California surfer boy, blue-eyed and a little over 6 feet tall.

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Vietnam Service:

  • First Tour: Firebase Ladybird, I Corps (August 1967- January 1968) with 2nd Platoon, B (“Bravo”) Company, 3/44th Infantry Regiment, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. Rifleman in 3rd Squad
  • Remainder of First Tour: as a driver in General Elliott’s motor pool in Saigon.


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Awards and Decorations:

  • Bronze Star: awarded in the episode The Hill by Colonel Dalby for his actions that resulted in destroying an enemy convoy on September 8 th, 1967.
  • Purple Heart: awarded in the episode The Hill by Colonel Dalby. Scott had been wounded in the pilot episode and in episode #7, Brothers, Fathers and Sons.
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Combat Infantry Badge


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BakerScott comes to Firebase Ladybird along with Percell, Horn, Ruiz and Goldman after being recruited by Anderson at Chu-lai in August of 1967. He is part of Bravo Company, 3/44 Infantry, 2nd Platoon under the command of Captain Rusty Wallace and helps to carry the ammo belts for Ruiz’s M-60. Both he and Ruiz immediately clash due to cultural differences and at first often snipe and shove at each other. Baker’s character appears in all but one first season episode (#16, Gray-Brown Odyssey). His character returns in one third season episode (#40, The Ties that Bind) where he is now a Specialist.

Scott is a vegetarian.

He has a twin brother named Karl who is older than him by 18 minutes.

He does not smoke.

As a child he had a pet raccoon.

He was briefly a POW, along with his brother, in the episode The Battling Baker Brothers.

Scott Baker has an unfailingly sweet nature but doesn’t always come off as the brightest soldier in Vietnam. He also has a strong sense of right and wrong. From Anaheim, California, he’s gentle and good natured. But this doesn’t get in the way of his being a solid soldier. When he arrives at Firebase Ladybird, at first he doesn’t get along well with Alberto Ruiz. The two tend to get into shoving matches, Ruiz often calling him “Dumb and Ugly.” In the pilot episode, he teases Baker with a lizard that Scott wants nothing to do with.

For all that the two shove at each other, they do form a friendship and bond. Scott carries the heavy ammo belts that Roo needs for the M-60 and helps to feed the ammo when they are under fire.

Scott comes across as surprisingly naïve in some respects and sometimes a little shy. His brother is the complete opposite and makes no bones about it. Upon seeing them, it’s almost impossible to tell the two apart and they are highly competitive in all aspects of their relationship. Scott is often jealous of his more outgoing brother and the two easily get into brawls. Under all of that, they are very close.

Scott has no understanding of personal boundaries, especially when it comes to Goldman. It’s understood and respected by everyone that Goldman has a personal space issue. That is, everyone but Scott, who blithely trespasses without a thought or concern. For whatever reason, Goldman wearily accepts the invasion, whereas with anyone else there would be hell to pay. Nowhere is this more evident than in the episode The Ties That Bind, when in Scott’s excitement at seeing Goldman for the first time in several months, he grabs the lieutenant up into a bear hug before Myron can stop him. Scott is, without a doubt, the only person who can do that and get away with it.

This has also gotten him into trouble. In episode #2 Notes From the Underground, he laughs and notes that the three “tunnel rats” look like Snow White’s dwarves. Scott doesn’t mean it maliciously but it still antagonizes the men and they make him look like a fool for his unwitting remarks by dumping him in the mud. With a pistol shoved in his face by the head of the unit, he’s told to never make fun of short people again.

Scott does not return in the second season of the series. A letter from a recovering Roger Horn in the episode Saigon- Part One, notes that he nearly burst his stitches when he found out that Scott had transferred to a general’s motor pool. It’s in the episode The Ties that Bind that we find out he’s become General Elliot’s driver. He’s delighted to see his buddies again and impressed that they are now Special Forces.

We assume Scott eventually makes it back home. He’s close to the end of his tour, and unlike Goldman, Ruiz and Percell, he isn’t signing on for a second tour. He told them at Danny’s birthday party that he‘s going to study transcendental meditation with the Beatles’ Maharishi in India. His brother, Karl, has gone to the DMZ and nothing more is said about him.

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