Alex Devlin

Alex Devlin

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Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics:

Alex is a newspaper reporter located in Saigon. She works for ANI Wire Service, and has access to Tan Son Nhut Army base. She first appears in the premiere Season 2 episode, Saigon, Part 1 (Episode #22). She remains a regular throughout the second season and into the third, where she is killed by a bicycle bomb in Saigon in Episode #39, Doc Hock.

She tells Myron that she is from Portland, Oregon and paid her own way to come to Vietnam to report on the war.

Age: mid-twenties

She was married and divorced, possibly right out of high school.

Physical attributes: 5’7″, wavy brown hair she keeps tied back most of the time and under a uniform hat. When she’s not dressed in civilian clothes, she’s in Army fatigues and boots. She’s pretty and slender with hazel eyes.


Alex is an ambitious reporter, determined to prove she has every right to be in Vietnam and to report the events there as she sees them. She’s not above manipulating or even endangering a source if it gets her closer to the action or in on a hot lead. She’s also not averse to using her sex appeal to her advantage.

It is this determination that has her following up on one of Myron and Zeke’s men when they find him in an opium den, well past curfew in a dangerous part of Saigon. They are about to get Rivera out in one piece when Alex shows up in the middle of what is already a tense situation. Things go very wrong with Rivera getting stabbed. He later dies, angering Myron who is unimpressed upon meeting Alex for the first time.

But Alex is intrigued by the serious lieutenant and sets out to learn more about him. When they next meet, Myron fresh from a botched mission in the field, she gets into it with him about Rivera. She wants to print the story, including his name, his addiction and how he died. Myron angrily tells her what really happened to Rivera, how he survived the massacre of his buddies but never really came back from it. It gives her pause as she obviously didn’t know all the facts. And Goldman isn’t who she thought he was, either.

It only fuels her curiosity about Goldman and she sees him immediately as a new source for stories. It doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome and intelligent. This also sets up a rivalry of sorts between a hot chopper jock, Lieutenant John J. McKay and Goldman. Intentional or not, it works to Alex’s advantage to have both men jockeying for her attention. She finds herself going places and doing things she never would have had access to before, thanks to the two men.

But she’s falling for Goldman and he can’t seem to stay away from her, even when he doesn’t agree with her methods or her stories. He sees she’s ambitious and driven and respects that, even when it’s inconvenient and even dangerous for him and his men.

Alex continues to play Johnny and Myron against each other. In the episode True Grit Myron is upset with her when she wants to interview Johnny yet again. He ends up getting completely drunk, shooting up a local bar and clearing it of its patrons. Moments later, the place blows up, inadvertently making Myron look like a hero. All the attention has Myron embarrassed and angry but Alex sees it as an opportunity and maybe a chance for Myron to transfer into Intelligence.

In the episode I Wish It Would Rain Alex works on a story about US troops crossing the border into Cambodia. She knows Myron and his men have done it but he won’t come right out and say they have. She pushes him too far when she takes him to an embassy party to interview a self-indulgent businessman. When the man asks Myron what it’s like in combat, it’s more than Alex or the man bargain for when Myron tells him about Short Round being cut in half by a booby trap. They are shocked and when Alex touches Myron’s arm, he yanks away from her, furious, and storms out. In the street, he accuses her of not caring about ruining careers and men’s lives.

They do become lovers, Myron often sleeping over at her hotel room. But it is a strained relationship at best as she pressures him in order to get her stories. It all comes apart in the episode, Sealed With a Kiss, when, after receiving a letter from a girlfriend at home about her marriage and honeymoon, she again exhorts Myron to come out of the field and get a job in Intelligence where he’d be safer. Her timing couldn’t be worse as Goldman and Anderson are going on a very dangerous operation with a Navy SEAL. The two get into it the night before, Goldman not hearing her ultimatum that she can’t do this anymore, she not understanding that this is who Myron is and what he has to do. When Anderson and a wounded Goldman make it back, she tells him she can’t do it anymore and walks away from him.

But as much as she wants to give up on Goldman, she can’t. Johnny sees his opportunity, but despite his charm and good looks and what he can offer her, he can’t change the fact that Alex is still hooked on Goldman. Goldman knows that should he change his mind and come out of the field, he could have Alex back, but that isn’t going to happen.

It all goes terribly wrong in a final mission in the episode The Volunteer. Myron and Zeke are left behind, trapped and with no options. They call artillery down on their position and Alex is there in the radio shack as Goldman calls it in.

In the first episode of Season 3, The Luck, Alex is devastated and convinced that Goldman and Anderson are dead. She makes an attempt to get information through an informant she’s used before, but Muoi can’t confirm anything. She convinces herself that Myron is gone and starts work on a final story. Johnny comes in and sees what she’s doing and accuses her of giving up on Myron and Zeke. He hasn’t yet and will not and tells her he hopes like hell she’s wrong. Finishing the article, her editor is impressed with the work. He’s watching her for a while now and tells her he wants to transfer her to Paris to cover the peace talks there. She tells him she has to be sure first, sure that Goldman isn’t coming back. When the Army calls off the air search and her informant can offer her nothing, she accepts the new assignment. She tells Johnny she knows Myron isn’t coming back. He died fighting in a war no one cares about.

However, Anderson and a wounded Goldman are found, a bit worse for wear after being prisoners of the NVA for several days. Alex is there when Myron wakes in the infirmary for the first time after being rescued.

The episode Doc Hock is Alex’s final appearance. Goldman is recovering from his wounds and makes the decision that maybe it’s time for him to come out of the field. But Alex tells him that she’s made some decisions too and that she’s going to Paris in a few days. But before she goes, she has a rare opportunity to go below into a VC tunnel complex and interview an NVA officer. This will delay her departure, which angers Myron who says she wouldn’t stay a few extra days for him, but for a story, no problem. Johnny can’t believe she’s going either, after what Goldman finally gave up for her and tells her as much.

Alex takes a huge risk to go to the tunnels, driving out into the countryside with Muoi, her informant. They are taken below where she sees firsthand how the NVA and VC fight the war. She is introduced to General Thoc, who is intelligent, well educated and charming. He explains the sacrifices his people are willing to make, sacrifices he doubts that Americans would willing make. He also tells her he lost his wife in an American bombing raid. They have no choice, this is their land and they have nowhere else to go.

During the interview, the tunnels start to collapse due to a bombing run above. General Thoc sees that Alex and Muoi are safely returned to the surface, Alex now having a completely different perspective of the war to write about.

Back at Tan Son Nhut, she is warmly greeted by Goldman who’s thankful that she’s okay. They agree to meet in town for dinner later that evening. In Saigon, Alex finds Goldman waiting for her across the street. She’s in a dress and heels, her hair loose as she smiles at him. Goldman smiles back but everything changes in a flash when the restaurant behind her is blown up by a bicycle bomb. Alex, along with several GIs and civilians, is fatally wounded. Myron gathers her into his arms, but she is already slipping away and dies there, leaving behind a shattered Myron.

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