Tour of Duty Info Home Page

Tour of Duty Info Home Page

B&W Doc Hock-tJohn Dye
January 31, 1963 – January 10, 2011
SP/4 Francis Thurman Hockenbury – “Doc Hock”

Welcome to Tour of Duty Information, a writer’s resource for details pertaining not only to the television series, Tour of Duty, but of the Vietnam War as well.

It is our goal to provide writers with accurate details that are well researched and easily accessible. Included are detailed character biographies, most written with the help and advice of one of Tour of Duty’s military advisors, Lee Russell. Also provided is a detailed and comprehensive episode guide, several accompanied by Mr. Russell’s comments. We continue to add to the biographies and episode guide.

In addition, we have also provided other useful resources such as a list of supporting cast, detailing when and in what episodes they appeared as well as a table of all main and supporting characters’ ranks.

In regards to Vietnam, there is a discussion of the legendary Huey helicopter, an extensive Vietnam glossary, and a list of recommended movies by advisor Lee Russell.

Before his death in November 2006, Mr. Russell expressed a wish to have his various essays, notes and technical information gathered in one location here at Info. You will find everything that Mr. Russell has contributed to the Tour of Duty fan community under the heading of ToD Advisor’s Notebook.

We hope you enjoy your visit as you tour the website. Please drop us a line, letting us know what you think and what you would like to see added in the way of information to help with your writing experience.

Tour of Duty Info is part of a family of websites including Tour of Duty Journals,Tour of Duty Vids, and the official Terence Knox website.


Disclaimer: Tour of Duty and its characters are the property of Zev Braun Productions and New World Productions. No copyright infringement is intended. Although these fictional biographies are deduced or inferred from the original programs, all conclusions about the characters are my own. I would like to thank Mr. Lee Russell, military advisor to Tour of Duty, 1987-1989, for his assistance with my efforts.