Other Resources

This section contains information that we feel is useful and will help fill in some gaps, providing interesting references and details for fanfic writers and fans alike.

Vietnam-era Hueys
A discussion of the various models of the UH-1 ("Huey") that were used during the Vietnam War, provided by Lee Russell.
A list of movies with comments provided by Lee Russell for fanfic writers looking for solid background material on the Army in Vietnam.
A table listing the ranks of the major, supporting, and guest characters in Tour of Duty.
Vietnam Glossary
A glossary of common military and Vietnamese terms, compiled by SnowFlake.
Who, Where, and When
A table listing the major, supporting, and guest characters on the series; where they were located and at what time, by season and episode.


Disclaimer: Tour of Duty and its characters are the property of Zev Braun Productions and New World Productions. No copyright infringement is intended. Although these fictional biographies are deduced or inferred from the original programs, all conclusions about the characters are my own. I would like to thank Mr. Lee Russell, military advisor to Tour of Duty, 1987-1989, for his assistance with my efforts.