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Vital Statistics:

For the first few episodes, Danny's rank is given as Corporal before it was changed to Private First Class (PFC). In episode # 40, both he and Ruiz are promoted to Specialist 4. [Click here to read a comment from Lee Russell, ToD advisor, explaining Danny's changes in rank.] Danny is from Billings, Montana and the son of a rodeo star.

Age: 19*

Physical attributes: Danny is a strapping young man, approximately 5'10", handsome and well built with brilliant blue eyes and blond hair.

Danny would celebrate his birthday twice- once (not his real birthday) in Ep # 22- Saigon Part One and again in ep # 40- The Ties that Bind.

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Vietnam Service:

First Tour:

  • Firebase Ladybird, I Corps (September 1967-January 1968) with 2nd Platoon, B ("Bravo") Company, 3/44th Infantry Regiment, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. Rifleman.
  • Tan Son Nhut, III Corps (Late January (Tet)- April 1968)

Remainder of First Tour into Second Tour:

  • Camp Barnett, III Corps (May 1968- until he ships home- date unclear) Member of Team Viking*

*The week before arriving at Camp Barnett, Danny is promoted to Sp/4.

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Awards and Decorations:
  • Bronze Star with "V" Device for Valor, awarded in episode 21 (The Hill), and Oak Leaf Cluster, in lieu of second award, in episode 53 (Acceptable Losses)
  • Purple Heart- for wounds he received in episode 4 (The War Lover)
  • National Defence Service Medal
  • Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal
  • Combat Infantry Badge

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PFC (corporal in the pilot movie) Danny Percell would come to Firebase Ladybird in September 1967, after being chosen by Sgt. Zeke Anderson back at Chu-lai. He would come in with Lt. Myron Goldman and Privates Alberto Ruiz, Roger Horn, and Scott Baker. In the pilot, when he is chosen by Anderson, he notes his rank is corporal, probably due to the JROTC he took in high school. He is assigned to Third Squad in 2nd Platoon, B ("Bravo") 3/44 Infantry. [Click here to read a comment from Lee Russell, ToD advisor, explaining Danny's changes in rank.]

He is the son of a champion rodeo rider. His father also served in the Korean War.

He loves to listen to country music.

He smokes occasionally. Also seen chewing tobacco in Ep #8- The Good, The Bad and the Dead.

He has a younger sister.

His mother sends him cookies on a regular basis.

His father’s name is Jack.

He played football in high school. (Broke his ankle early in his senior year.)

He was in JROTC in high school.

He finds out after he's in Vietnam that his parents have separated and his father is living with a much younger woman.

Danny is a very patriotic young man who proudly enlisted in order to serve his country in Vietnam. He is not ashamed of his patriotism, but he is na´ve and will be set up for disillusionment and eventually fall hard when he is unable to cope with himself and events around him- spiraling out of control into alcohol and drugs. Percell's character appears in the pilot episode and would be featured in most of the 58 episodes before his character finally ships home. [Click here to read a comment from Lee Russell, ToD advisor, about Danny's choice to enlist.]

Danny is gung-ho and extremely patriotic when he arrives in Vietnam. When Anderson calls him on this, Danny bristles, noting that there is nothing funny about being patriotic and serving one's country. Anderson tells him there is when it gets you into the fine mess Danny now finds himself in. But Anderson likes what he sees in this young man and taps him to be in his platoon and squad.

Generally sweet-natured, brave and certainly loyal, Danny quickly fits in and makes friends with the members of his squad. He has a ready smile and easy-going sense of humor. He would serve out his two tours by the sides of Goldman, Anderson, Ruiz, and Taylor until he finally goes home. He will often trade being on point with Johnson and Taylor.

Anderson considers Danny one of the best men he has, right behind Johnson. He's a crack shot with a rifle, Anderson calling him a sharpshooter and the rest of his buddies acknowledging his skill. But Danny's patriotism and beliefs would unravel around him in a shooting accident at a ville. A young boy runs by, wearing black pajamas, and Danny would shoot and kill the child before he realizes what he has done. It would be the first step in his ultimate destruction.

Danny never truly recovers from the experience and it haunts him for the remainder of the time he spends in Vietnam. Anderson becomes a "fixed point" for him- someone he can always rely on and look to. Anderson keeps him steady. But remove Anderson, and it is clear Danny cannot cope with who he is and the war around him. When Goldman and Anderson are MIA in Ep # 38- The Luck, Danny starts to come apart in fits of rage and despair over the two men missing. Wrapped so utterly in that rage, he foolishly decides to take out what they all assumed were two NVAs his platoon has pinned down. Wild eyed and beyond reason, he jumps in and nearly pulls the trigger on Anderson and Goldman, who can only stare at him in disbelief.

When Anderson decides to use some of his leave and go home to the States, possibly not extending his tour, it would be the beginning of the end for Danny. With Anderson gone, Danny slowly starts to come apart. He nearly drowns another man (Monk) in a barrel of motor oil when that same man eats his mother's cookies before returning the empty tin to be delivered to Danny. Short tempered and angry with everyone and everything, Danny starts to drink heavily and ask Doc Hock for drugs. Doc tells him he needs to get a handle on what's going on- the medic now starting to keep a careful eye on his teammate.

Anderson returns, but it would be too late for Danny. A few days later they all witness the Phu-an massacre and the incident pushes Danny completely over the edge, shattering him. Anderson is paying attention to Goldman, trying to bring the young lieutenant past his grief and trusts Danny's teammates to help Danny if he needs it. But it is more than they can handle as Danny goes from constantly drinking to smoking dope to smoking heroin. Doc tries to talk to him, to help him out, but no one, including Hockenbury, can save Danny from himself. He is utterly disillusioned.

Eventually, Danny simply turns his back on everyone and goes AWOL, disappearing into the drug dens of Cholon. His buddies cover for him, including Anderson and Goldman, but Colonel Brewster misses very little and knows Percell is gone. He forces Goldman's hand, hoping Myron will make the right decision to go after Danny. But Goldman steps back, unwilling- and it is Anderson and Johnson who bring Danny back.

All his buddies, including Anderson, stand with Danny and help him to dry out. But none more than Doc Hockenbury who would handhold Danny through the worst of the withdrawals and help to nurse him back to heath. He refuses to pass judgement on his friend and becomes Danny's new "fixed point". It is Doc Hock in the end who helps a shaky Danny find himself again, and find the man inside; the man that they all know is there.

Danny eventually recovers, but is forever changed. Certainly quieter, it is clear he is now marking his time until he can leave Vietnam. But he remains loyal to his friends, if not the beliefs that brought him to Vietnam in the first place. Anderson relies on him to fill in a leadership role whenever possible. And his bravery is never in doubt when he survives with Anderson, Taylor and only two newbies in Ep #50- And Make Death Proud to Take Us- eventually awarded his second Bronze Star for his uncompromising heroism in that battle.

But Danny plays a large role in another man's destruction- Doc Hock's. Along with a new man, Kuslits, he is careless and cocky as they secure a NVA prisoner while awaiting Goldman, Anderson and the rest of the Team to catch up to them. For whatever reason, Hockenbury is with the two other men- possibly because Danny is only recently recovered and Goldman recognizes Danny's dependence on the medic. For whatever reason, Hockenbury is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ultimately responsible for Kuslit's death. Despite everything Hockenbury has done for him, Danny turns his back on the medic and never accepts him back. This despite the fact that with the exception of Griner (who clearly worships Danny), the rest of his buddies, although they may not approve, still care about the now shattered medic.

At the end of the series, Danny and Ruiz end their second tour and decide they are going home. They leave behind Goldman, Anderson, Taylor and a shattered Doc Hock, returning to the real world. In the final episode- #58 Payback- we see Danny is now in construction and building homes. But he faces a country that is not welcoming of his past in Vietnam, and he is having a hard time adjusting. Our last image of Danny is when he calls Alberto late at night, and the two haltingly talk about how they are doing. And that it is too late for them to go back now, to Vietnam.

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Points of interest by episode (not an episode synopsis):

Season 1

Pilot Episode: At Chu-lai, Danny is on one of the two winning volleyball teams that Sgt. Anderson calls over. Anderson wants to know why Danny is a corporal. Danny, stripped to the waist and covered in mud, tells him he had some ROTC in high school. He bristles when Anderson needles him about enlisting, but is still chosen to be in the Sergeant’s platoon and squad. At Ladybird, when they arrive at Third Squad’s hootch, Taylor gives him and the other new guys a hard time. When they all take cover in a bunker when the base is shelled, Taylor calls him "cherry boy." The next day, Anderson tells him to tape his dog tags together so that he doesn’t sound like Chinese wind chimes. He then orders Danny to give the radio over to Horn, who will be RTO instead.

Notes from the Underground (ep #2): He is seen laughing with the rest of guys as Baker chases the pig around the ville. At the end, shares some of the pig that Ruiz roasts up.

Dislocations (Ep #3): Percell stays behind at Nop Thanh with Anderson, Ruiz and Dep to keep the VC pinned down while the rest of the platoon flees with the villagers. After waiting an hour, Anderson orders them out, and as Percell gets to his feet, he sees a VC and picks him off. Anderson smiles with pride and calls him sharpshooter. Goes out the next morning with Anderson and Taylor on a patrol. Later, while everyone is taking a break, Anderson teases him, saying Danny’s been on a break for the last 48 hours. When Ruiz mouths off to Major Rigby, Percell joins in the rest of the guys, saying it was him.

War Lover (Ep #4): Percell is startled when he learns that it is Earl Ray Michaels who has come to Ladybird, saying he had heard of him, and that he was a myth. That night Danny joins Baker in a bit of hero worship concerning Michaels, hanging on his every word. Danny is all hyped up and excited, telling Anderson there is no way they are going to lose this war. The next day, on the chopper ride out, Percell asks Ruiz what he has heard about Michaels and becomes puzzled by what his buddy says. Later, when he stumbles in the river they are crossing, he has a fit when he finds a leech on him. Follows Michaels' orders to take the ridge despite his reminding Michaels that the L-T said to stay put. On the way up, Danny gets shot across the temple and Horn drags him to safety. As Horn tries to keep him calm, Danny begs him to shoot the dying VC who takes aim at them. That night, in the pouring rain, Anderson checks on him, asking how his head is.

Sitting Ducks (ep #5): Percell and the rest of the guys start cheering and then singing when Goldman tells them they drew a cush gig. He goes out on the first patrol, and when they are ambushed, covers Doc while he treats one of the wounded men. It’s Percell who spots the tree house first. When Keller dies, he notes that the guy was only there for six weeks. When Taylor tosses a fit over Goldman’s decisions, Ruiz and Percell try to make him see reason. They also spot Tran sneaking around the ammo bunker and after the Kit Carson scout leaves, slip up and check it out. Danny says they need to tell the L-T, and is still doubtful, saying anyone could have stolen Tran’s map case.

Burn, Baby, Burn (ep #6): When the platoon gets ready to load up, Percell comes over to Taylor, Tucker and Johnson, but Tucker has no patience for him. Taylor stands up for Danny, saying he doesn’t believe in all that trash, and besides, he is the best damn shot in the platoon. Tucker is unimpressed. Danny tells Tucker that he was taught to judge a man by what he does, not by the color of his skin. When they all go to get on the choppers, Tucker purposely blocks Danny, making Percell circle around to the other side to get on. After Innis is killed, Danny tries to talk to Johnson, telling him he knows Marvin didn’t do it. But Johnson pushes him away. Tucker demands to know what Percell is doing with Johnson. Danny has had enough of Tucker and his racist attitudes. He tells Tucker he's just a hick from Montana and to please enlighten him to all this "blackness". And that he can’t understand why Tucker can’t recognize that not every white person is against him. Later, when Johnson charges into the ville by himself, it is Danny who follows in after him, covering Johnson’s back.

Brothers, Fathers, Sons (ep #7): Percell does not appear in this episode.

The Good, The Bad and the Dead (ep #8): While taking a break, Percell asks Johnson how he’s gonna make it up to Decker for saving his life. When they take a break, Goldman tells Percell he wants him to move up and check on the forward position. Goldman then changes his mind. Anderson tells Percell to stay back with the men, leaving him in charge and to keep the men quiet. Anderson sends Percell back to get Matsuda when Horn gets injured. Percell asks if the mission is a no-go, but Anderson tells him he doesn’t know and that it is up to the L-T. As they move Horn down to the L-Z, it is Percell who asks if Doc is going with Horn. Percell and Taylor are the first to move in on the abandoned radio installation. Goldman orders Percell to load the men up when it appears Zeke and Decker may not come back. But it is Danny who is first to see Anderson finally coming in with Decker slung across his shoulders.

The Battling Baker Brothers (ep #9): Is hustled out by Scott Baker to join Anderson, Ruiz and Taylor to greet Scott’s twin brother, Karl. Joins in the fun watching the boys skateboarding, then tries it once and immediately lands on his backside. Both he and Taylor take bets on the two brothers when they arm wrestle, and then watch the fight the two boys get into immediately afterwards. It’s Danny who is hiding a c-rat pound cake with a candle for Scott behind his back. Joins in with the others in looking at the hookers Karl smuggles onto the base in the back of a truck. He is seen dancing with one of the hookers later that night. Ends up being punished with the rest of Third Squad after being caught by Goldman and Anderson. Speaks to Anderson at the crash site, concerned for Baker. It’s Percell who is carrying the radio when they go to search for Baker. Percell and Taylor set the elephant grass on fire to create a diversion.

Nowhere To Run (ep #10): Percell is on sentry duty, late at night with Ruiz, Hazzard and Ercolani. He is reading with a flashlight a "Dear John" letter from his girlfriend back home. Hazzard gives him a hard time about it, Ruiz telling Hazzard to knock it off. Ruiz then asks Danny to take over watching for a while. As Danny watches the wire, he talks about how his girl loved the uniform he wore when he was in ROTC. That they met at the rodeo and it was love at first sight, and she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. A flare lights up the wire that Danny is watching and he sees a sapper working his way through onto the firebase. He alerts everyone and sets off the claymores, the base coming under full attack. The next day, he is kneeling by Ercolani, who was killed in the attack. Danny is holding his dog tags when Anderson kneels by him and tells him to let it go or it would eat him up. But between the letter and his buddy’s death, Danny is pretty devastated. On the way out to the bridge, Hazzard needles Danny about his patriotism and that he wants to be a hero. With the rest of the squad, Danny helps to guard the guys who sweep for the mines, but Hazzard keeps digging at him and he snipes back until Anderson breaks it up. At a nearby ville, while looking for the VC who detonated the mines, Danny sees a figure run by in black pajamas and shoots, killing the man. When he and Hazzard run over to check it out, they roll the body over to discover it is just a child. Danny is horrified at what he has done, the child's mother running over and screaming in grief at him. He tells Anderson, who is trying to keep him calm, that he didn’t come over to kill kids. Shaking, Danny kneels by the grieving mother who is clutching a very sick baby, begging her forgiveness. But she spits on him instead. That night, Danny tries to understand as he speaks to the camp chaplain. He is devastated, confused and crying, trying to understand what he has done. He didn’t know what to do, and he is desperately seeking answers. He wants to know why they are there in this godforsaken excuse for a country. He then interrupts Goldman, who is daydreaming at the time, trying to convince the young Lieutenant that they need to go back to the ville to help the mother and the sick baby. Goldman tells him to forget it, that they aren’t going back, to just forget it. But Danny’s anger spills over and he shouts at Myron that if he could forget it, damnit, he would. The next day, Anderson and Goldman find him at Mamasan Linda’s, drunk in bed with a hooker he calls Brenda. He tells Anderson and Goldman he wants to marry Brenda. That his girl back home is sharp and marches in the peace marches now. He is out of his mind, and when Anderson tries to get him to leave, finally takes a swing at him and slugs Zeke, dropping him to the floor. That brings in the bartender with a baseball bat, and after a scuffle, Zeke coldcocks Danny and shoulders him up, Myron gathering his gear for him. The next day, Danny is completely hung over and regretting it. Anderson teases him gently, calling him pitbull. But warns Danny they are going back to the ville and that the baby might already be dead. Danny finds the mother and child, and persuades her to let Matsuda look at the child. Goldman has Danny go with him on the chopper ride into Chu-lai, to escort the mother and baby to the EVAC hospital there. They leave the baby with Nikki, and wait outside with the mother. Danny tells Myron how he felt it was his duty to join up and fight communism. How his father was a championship rodeo star and he could never hope to measure up. How he is now afraid. Myron tries to assure him it’s all right to be afraid, but Danny isn’t sure. He says he didn’t feel anything when Hazzard was killed. Nikki arrives then to tell both men the baby is doing fine and will probably make it. Danny goes over to the mother and kneels down, explaining her baby is going to be all right and not to worry. Later, Danny is sitting on the hospital steps, trembling and teary as he tries to beg forgiveness from the mother once again. He is so unhappy and broken inside over what he has done, and begs her to understand. She reaches out softly and takes his hand, forgiving him even as he can’t forgive himself. It is Danny who later interrupts Goldman and Nikki, saying that their ride is waiting. He thanks Goldman for what he did. And on the chopper ride back to the base, finally sleeps.

Roadrunner (ep #11): It’s mail call at Ladybird and Danny, along with the rest of Third Squad, sorts out a stack of letters. Danny gets a box of cookies from his mother. When Taylor starts to read one of the letters he has gotten out loud, Danny snatches it from him and reads it for everyone. Danny joins Taylor, Baker and the new guy Caldwell in the showers. He’s not above teasing the newbie about the heat and what happens in the ville. Danny then joins the others when they start to chant Caldwell’s name until the kid gets out of earshot, then Danny calls him an idiot. The next day, as they are flown out to the Dong Ho valley, the gunner asks Percell what they did to get the Colonel so mad. Danny is puzzled, and asks what the gunner means and the guy tells him they are the third unit going in that week. Later, Danny and Taylor get yelled at by Anderson when the two are singing while digging in for the night. The next day, it is Danny who spots the pilot hanging from his chute on the side of a cliff. Danny is the one who climbs up to get him, eventually pulling the badly injured pilot onto his back and then carefully bringing him down.

Pushin’ Too Hard (ep #12): Danny shows up with Taylor and Ruiz, looking for a chance to meet the lady reporter, Vicky Adams. The next day, along with everyone else, Danny gets all spit shined. Anderson tells him he looks as clean as a Mississippi sheriff on Election Day. When Wallace takes Cook and Baker out on a patrol, Danny asks what’s going on. When Horn tells him what Wallace was doing, Danny remarks, "You don’t see that very often." While waiting for Wallace to come back, they get into a discussion about the war protesters back home, Danny saying that he considers what they do treason. When Horn starts to defend them, Danny immediately puts Horn back in his place and reminds him they should not be having this conversation. While Vicky films the guys crossing over on a fallen tree, Danny leads the prisoner. He smiles for the camera and says that this is his cousin Elmer, and to say hi to the folks back home, Elmer.

USO Down (ep #13): Danny points out some of the exotic flowers to Colby, telling her he is sure she’s never seen flowers like these back home. She’s distant and snippy and when he asks where she’s from, she tells him he doesn’t want to know. And she doesn’t want to know where he is from. She finally snaps at him, telling him she’d appreciate it if they kept their life stories to themselves and then stalks away from a bewildered Percell. Later, after Colby falls in the stream they are crossing, Danny offers her his sweat towel. They are taking a break when Colby slaps Ruiz, bringing Danny running. He tries to calm her down, but she is angry and tells Danny they should just cut the pretenses and ship a bargeload of whores over to make them all happy. Danny is a bit stunned with the outburst, but he then tells her that’s not all a guy thinks about. He explains that most of them would give a lot just to talk to a woman from back home. When they finally make the ridge late that day, Colby decides to try and talk to Danny and to apologize for being so rude. Danny has already forgiven her, but he does want to understand why she’s so unhappy. Colby explains to him how she was twice engaged to marry, both times to soldiers, and both times they were KIA. She tells Danny she likes him, but can’t be close to him, it hurts too much. When the Huey arrives, Colby says goodbye to Danny. She tells him to listen to her. She wants him to take care of himself. She wants him to come out of the war well and strong. And live. She kisses him and then whispers to him, "Live," one more time.

Under Siege (ep #14): Danny joins in with the rest of Third Squad as they go through the goodies that Captain Heath has brought to the base. Danny is filling sandbags with Taylor when Matsuda comes by with water. They take a break, asking how much more time Matsuda has left before he goes home. He congratulates Doc on his decision to stay in and go to medical school. Later, he is helping Sarge string wire when Anderson spots what appears to be Santucci’s squad coming back to camp. Percell is impressed, saying they bagged a prisoner. But Zeke is cautious and doesn’t like the look of things and Danny watches, puzzled, as Zeke calls out to the approaching men. When Zeke suddenly opens fire, Danny joins him, along with several other members of Third Squad. Out on patrol to find out what happened to Santucci and his squad, it is Danny and Johnson who show Zeke where latrines have been dug. After finding Santucci’s helmet on the trail, Anderson has Danny stay with him as the rest of the squad fans out. But it is Danny who finds the bodies, strung upside down in the trees. Horrified, and trying not to throw up, he calls Anderson to him. Back at Ladybird, the NVA have started to shell the base. Danny and Ruiz are trying to rebuild a bunker. They all pause and smile when Taylor gets on a radio that Horn has rigged up, and shouts taunts back at the NVA. He helps the others as they draw the last of the water from the Water Buffalo. The base once again comes under fire, and Caldwell, the young man Danny had teased back in the episode, Roadrunner, is hit. Danny shoulders him up and brings him to Matsuda, but Randy can do nothing as he is out of morphine. At 18:00 hours, things are beyond desperate and Danny and the rest of Third Squad are in their bunker, putting their personal belongings in a bag to bury. When Anderson arrives, Danny says they don’t have a chance, do they? Anderson tries to reassure them, but they all can see it's a bad situation. Danny helps out when Goldman and Anderson come up with a plan to try and save the base.

Soldiers (ep #15): Danny is to go on R and R with Taylor and Ruiz. When they arrive after a mission at Ladybird, Goldman flags him down and tells him his father has had a heart attack and that the Red Cross has arranged for an emergency leave. Danny goes to Honolulu to see his father in the hospital. He speaks with the nurse there at his father’s room, asking where his mother might be. Later, after the doctor speaks to Danny concerning his father’s condition, Danny is introduced to a pretty young woman named Jessie Garrett, who is his father’s girlfriend. She tells him that his parents have been separated for the last eight months. Later, after she asks him if it was hard to get a flight from Vietnam and that he must be glad to be out of there, he treats her to his anger and sarcasm. He tells Jessie he just loves it over there, killing people and watching his buddies die by the dozens. He then realizes he is wrong and apologizes to her. While he is out getting a cup of coffee, he runs into Rudy Morales, a soldier now in a wheelchair and filled with bitterness. He follows Rudy to the ward where there are dozens of wounded and dying soldiers, all from Vietnam. Stunned, he wanders in and finds himself at the bedside of Harold, who was horribly burned by napalm. He sits and listens to Harold tell his story, but he does not know what to say. When Rudy appears again, and drops his rosary on the floor, Danny picks it up and offers it to Rudy, wanting to know what happened to him. Rudy finally tells him it happened when he made the stupidest mistake of his life- he enlisted. When Danny returns to his father’s room, Jack is now awake. Jack wants to know if Danny is a lean killing machine, but Danny tells him he is a simple grunt doing a day’s work. He is upset with his father for not telling him about the separation, and for continuing to act like a 19-year-old. In the corridor, Jessie tries to talk to Danny, saying how she loves Jack and how proud Jack is of Danny. But Danny is bitter and hurt and says that if his father were to die right now, he doesn't know how he’d feel about it. That he is fed up with all of it and is going back to the war, walking away from Jessie. At the elevator, he runs into Taylor and Ruiz, who managed to get their R and R switched to Honolulu in order to be with Percell. The three men go out on the town that night, and watch as Ruiz gets himself a tattoo. They end up in a bar, where Taylor tries to impress some young college girls that he and Roo had seen earlier that day. But Danny becomes furious when Leslie accuses them all of being baby killers. A bar fight starts, and after dumping some of the college boys on their backsides, they all run out to the waiting cab, bailing in and laughing. Danny wades in the ocean with Taylor and Ruiz and Joe the taxi driver. He wants to know how Taylor could keep so cool when Leslie called them baby killers. And he wants to know why there are peace marches and all the anti-war stuff going on while they are there fighting for their country. He is proud to serve, proud to have enlisted and to try and preserve his country’s heritage. But being called a baby killer has hit too close to home and Danny is unhappy. Later, after they return to their hotel room, completely bombed, they all stand and stare at the TV as the station signs off for the night. As the Star Spangled Banner plays, it is a drunk Danny who salutes first, followed by Taylor and Ruiz. The next morning, Danny decides to go talk to his father. His father begs him to be careful, and to come home, if not for him, for Danny’s mother. To do his duty and his tour, but to come home. The next morning, he has breakfast with Ruiz and Taylor. He tells them that he spent the entire night with his father and that they talked. That they might start a horse-breeding farm. When they all get on the elevator, they realize something is wrong when one of the orderlies pushes on in a near panic. They follow him up to the floor where Rudy and Harold are, and follow the anxious staff onto the ward. It is Danny who reaches out to the distraught Rudy, who now has a revolver and is threatening first a security officer, then Danny and his friends. With patience, Danny is able to inch his way over to Rudy and eventually take the gun from him. When the three men go to leave Honolulu, Taylor says he’s been thinking about what Rudy said about going AWOL. But Danny says he wouldn’t want anyone to do that to him while he is over there, and he sure as hell isn’t going to do it to his buddies.

Gray-Brown Odyssey (ep #16): Percell does not appear in this episode.

Blood Brothers (ep #17): Danny does not like Alvaro, the new man in the unit. He tells Alvaro they would all see just how slick he is when they are on the firing line the next day. Danny then tells Taylor and his buddies that Alvaro has trouble written all over him, and to keep him far away from yours truly. Out in the field the next day, Danny is convinced Alvaro is going to get someone killed. After Alvaro panics, Danny tries to tell Ruiz that Alvaro is going to get someone greased. It is clear he has no patience for the new man.

The Short Timer (ep #18): While following a blood trail through the jungle, Danny is about to sneeze, and Baker quickly covers his mouth for him until Danny is finished. Sarge smiles and blows a kiss to both men. On the ride back to Chu-lai, Danny joins in with the rest of Third Squad singing "We Gotta Get Out of This Place." He joins in the food fight that ensues with his buddies at the mess hall, and after they stop, he slips and comes crashing down, laughing. It is Percell who tosses the grenade that takes out the jeep that two sappers are using for cover. Johnson and Percell stage a fight outside of Sgt. Carlton’s office so that Ruiz and Baker can slip in and steal Taylor’s enlistment papers. They end up slugging it out and rolling around in the mud. Along with the other guys, Danny shakes Taylor’s hand before he hugs him goodbye. He joins the rest of the platoon in cheering Anderson on when Zeke gets into a fistfight with Carlton. It is Danny who is first to extend his hand to welcome Taylor back.

Paradise Lost (ep #19): Danny helps to unload the new weapons that are to be given to the Katu. Later, Danny suggests they can build pens for pigs and chickens. Danny is sitting with Roger when one of the little girls from the village comes up and Roger puts her between them. She has a gift for both of them, Danny smiling gently at her and calling her "little darlin’", but he has no idea what it is. Roger explains it’s a sarong and it’s for the party. Danny wants to know what party. Danny, along with the rest of the squad, gets painted up in Katu paints and wears the sarong given to him. He later plays a drum when Third Squad entertains the villagers.

Angel of Mercy (ep #20): Danny is on point when they come into the village. While the ville is being searched, he and Baker are standing watch on a ridge, Baker telling him he can’t wait any longer and has to go.

The Hill (ep #21): Danny and the rest of Third Squad watch Horn get into it with Goldman about the senseless waste of taking Hill 1000. Along with the rest of his squad, Danny is decorated in a ceremony at Chu-lai. He is awarded the Bronze Star for his rescue of the Air Force pilot, Slater. After Horn is badly wounded and they give back Hill 1000 once again, Danny demands that Colonel Dalby tell him why- why do they keep doing it. He tells Dalby that he is willing to die for his country, but he has to know what it’s for.

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Season 2

Saigon- Part One (ep #22): The guys are all in the showers after a mission, Taylor giving Danny a hard time about his birthday. When Danny, Taylor and Johnson hear Downtown Vanessa Brown on the radio, Taylor says he wants to marry her and Danny says he might propose to her himself. Percell then wants to talk to the guys before the party, but they don’t want to at that point, they only want to get to the party. That night, in the base club, Danny corners the L-T, saying he needs to speak to him about his insomnia. He tells Goldman his conscience has been bothering him with all the lying about the war and what they were doing. Wanting to get away from Percell, Goldman tells him he doesn’t need a lieutenant, he needs a chaplain. The guys then present Percell with a stripper and Danny looks embarrassed as they drunkenly sing happy birthday to him. A bit ashamed, he mutters, "Hell, it ain’t even my birthday."

Saigon- Part Two (ep #23): Both Danny and Ruiz are dressed in civilian clothes as they get ready to board the servicemen’s bus. Danny wants to go to the Club Savoy and meet the sexy sounding Vanessa, but Ruiz tells him there is more to life than something soft and warm. Later, at the Club Savoy, Danny’s all excited about a chance to finally see this girl. Ruiz wants only to leave, saying they shouldn’t be there. Danny tells Ruiz he’s getting fed up with Roo’s voodoo and paranoia. Danny then spots the girl- a very pretty Vietnamese- and says he’s in love, leaving Ruiz as he goes over to meet her. He introduces himself, saying he is a soldier and proud of it. Danny then tells her they had just transferred into Tan Son Nhut and then starts to lie to her in order to impress her, saying that he and his buddy are working on something top secret and classified. Danny comes back to Ruiz all excited, telling his buddy he’s arranged a date with Vanessa and she has a girlfriend for Ruiz too. Danny then adds that he told Vanessa they are working on something strategic and classified. Roo accuses him of lying again and Danny says, "I’m also here killing people, now that doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?" Later that night, Danny and Ruiz are walking with the two girls in No Man’s Land well after curfew. They hear gunfire, the two men becoming suspicious. Vanessa pulls out a pistol, intending to kill Ruiz, but Danny grabs her as the gun goes off. The other girl also pulls a pistol, but in all the confusion, accidentally kills her friend instead. Danny takes Vanessa’s pistol and kills the other girl. Danny then quickly helps Ruiz to his feet, telling him the two girls are VC and then the two men flee back into the city.

For What it’s Worth (ep #24): Danny asks Anderson if the next day he’ll have enough time to call home as it’s his little sister’s birthday. After the chaplain leaves, Danny tells Bishop that when the chaplain congratulates him, he should thank him. It is Danny, Ruiz and Johnson who accompany Goldman into Saigon when the L-T has to question some of the locals who work at Tan Son Nhut. When Ruiz refuses to get out of the jeep, Danny goes into the hootch after the L-T to tell him something is wrong with Ruiz. That night at the barracks, Percell and Johnson try to talk to Ruiz, Danny offering him an apple. Trying to get Ruiz to unwind and calm down, Danny suggests listening to one of Roo’s Salsa tapes and gets up and starts dancing and laughing. A shot in the compound sends them all diving, Roo in a near panic. Danny grabs his rifle and tells Johnson to watch Ruiz while he runs out to see what is going on. After Goldman defuses some very jumpy soldiers from killing each other in the compound, Percell turns up and tells the L-T that Ruiz is all messed up and should go to Psych. Johnson and Danny both take Ruiz to see Dr. Seymour. After she gives Roo something to help him sleep, Danny pulls her aside and politely asks if it would be possible for them to stay near their friend and to sleep on the benches just outside the room.

True Grit (ep #25): As Third Squad loads up on McKay’s slick, Danny, with the rest of the guys, watches Ruiz freeze and then throw up. Danny shares a concerned and knowing look with Taylor as Ruiz leaves to go back to the barracks. While checking a ville, Percell helps Martsen find a cache of weapons in one of the hootches. When the two VC they are holding try to make a run for it, Danny chases and tackles one down before dragging him back to Goldman and Anderson. He then helps to tie them up before they leave the village. Later, when they are ambushed, Percell ends up with Anderson and the two manage to take out the machine gun pinning the platoon down. Danny, along with the rest of the squad, are in Roo’s nightmare. When Roo wakes up screaming, Danny is there to help try and calm his buddy down. Both men go outside and sit on the steps of the barracks. Danny knows Ruiz is scared and tells his friend he can’t keep running from it. That he needs to talk to someone. The next day, Danny plays pool with Taylor as they both talk to Johnson. They all pause, delighted when they see the L-T on TV for supposedly saving the patrons of the Dragon Lady bar in Saigon. Percell laughs and says the man could run for Mayor behind all that!

Non-Essential Personnel (ep #26): The guys load up to go out on a mission, Danny saying it felt funny going out with a new L-T. When Zeke joins him, Danny asks about the guy Dr. Seymour is greeting (Dr. Grennly) and tells Zeke he looks like a hot dog. Danny’s on point out in the jungle and the new L-T decides they will take the trails, disregarding Anderson’s advice. Danny looks at Zeke, but does as he is ordered. As they wade into a swamp, Danny silently points out what appears to be a body draped over a log. That evening, Danny tracks Ruiz down at the club to tell him the new L-T is looking for him. He then takes over playing pool for Ruiz. As Danny writes a letter home, Ruiz asks him about leaving and going home. Danny says that when his tour is up, sure, he is out of there. But Ruiz wants to know what he’d do if he had a chance to leave earlier, before the end of his tour, would he take it. Danny doesn’t even hesitate and says that yes, he'd be gone right away. When Ruiz asks what about his duty, Danny points out there are plenty of rich kids back home that are not going to come over. And did Roo honestly believe that every kid in college was hungry for an education?

Sleeping Dogs (ep #27): When a sniper pins the platoon down, Danny goes with Anderson and Taylor to follow Sgt. Block into the jungle. Danny waves Anderson forward and points out Block, who then kills the sniper. Back at the barracks, Danny tells everyone about Block. The next day, Danny goes with Anderson, Block, Ruiz and Taylor to drop Block back off in the bush. After they leave Block behind, Anderson leads Percell and the others back to the LZ, but along the way they are ambushed, mortars scattering them and Danny gets separated from the others. Danny finds himself alone until Block grabs him from behind and holds a knife to his throat. Block then releases a stunned Percell, still holding the knife in plain view. He informs Danny that Percell is not going to screw things up for him. Later, Danny is still with Block when the sergeant finds the second sniper. But it is Danny who sees 3 VC heading their way. Block instructs Percell to take out the first one, as he will handle the other two. Danny captures the one VC, taking him prisoner while Block kills the other two. The sergeant is furious with Danny, who reminds Block they have standing orders to take prisoners. Block orders him to hide the other bodies and takes the prisoner from Danny. Later, when Danny rejoins Block, he finds the VC prisoner is dead. Block tells him the VC had tried to run. After Block kills the sniper he is hunting, the two men return to the LZ, Danny waving at McKay who has been helping in the search to find the missing soldier. After McKay lands, Danny runs up, clearly relieved to see McKay and tells him he was never happier to see him. The next morning, Danny breaks a bootlace and slams the boot away from him. He is still all wound up and aggravated after yesterday, telling a concerned Ruiz he had a bad night. He then explains to Roo what happened the day before and that Block had killed a prisoner they had captured. He asks Roo if he should go to Anderson and tell him, but Ruiz warns him off.

I Wish it Would Rain (ep #28): After Goldman explains the mission for that day, Danny asks if they get into a fight with Charlie, would they be allowed to finish it. Goldman reminds him that as long as it takes place in the Republic of South Vietnam and that Danny knows the rules. Danny is annoyed and says as much, telling Goldman "Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die." Later, after the platoon is ambushed, they beat back the enemy. The VC hightail it back across the border, Percell and Taft going part way into the river as they continue to shoot at the retreating VC. Goldman makes them come back, but Percell and Taft are frustrated. Goldman warns them, saying the United States does not go into Cambodia. Later, it is Danny who finds Short Round’s body first, horrified by what he finds as Anderson and the others come up behind him. The next day, Danny and Taylor tease Johnson and Ruiz about washing the pots and pans. They are going to go into Saigon with McKay and help him to transport something. As the two men go to meet up with McKay, a French correspondent, Fournier, stops them and asks if he can talk to them about what had happened the day before. He is curious about American troops going into Cambodia and Danny wants to know how Fournier knows this. Taylor and Percell then start to walk away, but Fournier pushes, saying he thought American soldiers could speak for themselves and infuriating Danny with his smug attitude. Taylor just leads Danny away, telling Percell they don’t need to listen to the French correspondent. In Saigon, McKay tells Taylor and Percell to meet him four hours later back at the repair shop. Now with time to kill, Danny tells Taylor he wants to go to the Golden Dragon and set Fournier straight. At the Golden Dragon, Fournier tells Percell and Taylor they are fighting a losing war and the American public does not believe in it or in American soldiers fighting it. He also tells them that even the press is against them and that black soldiers are starting to desert. He challenges both Taylor and Percell to go with him into Cholan with him to see the black deserters for themselves. In Cholan, Danny watches Taylor try and talk to one deserter. Danny then gets into it with Fournier. He is fed up with the correspondent’s superior attitude and wants to know what the hell his people did while they were over here? As they go to leave Cholan, several VC appear and corner them, heavily armed. They tell Fournier to leave, as they want the two GIs instead. After Fournier leaves, the VC beat on Danny as they talk to Taylor, asking him to desert. After Taylor manages to pull a small pistol he keeps hidden on him, Danny tackles one of the VC and the two soldiers make a run for it into the streets of Cholan. Desperate and lost, they finally duck into a hootch where a mother and her children cower back when they see Danny and Marcus and Taylor’s gun. Night now starts to close in and Danny and Taylor continue to take refuge in the hootch with the Vietnamese family. They are unsure what to do, Danny saying he is tired, it is dark and Charlie is in the street. Danny also apologizes to Marcus for getting him into the mess they are now in, but Marcus tells him it’s okay. He can understand that Danny is just trying to make sense out of the war. But Danny says the more he knows, the less he understands and he is fed up with the entire situation. He asks Taylor why he doesn’t desert. The VC then discover where they are hiding. The two men try to escape out a back window, Danny actually making it, but Taylor isn’t so lucky. As Goldman, McKay and the rest of his buddies show up, Danny goes running up and a rifle is tossed to him. Later, before they all climb back into the jeep after rescuing Taylor, Danny remarks "Cambodia yesterday, Cholan today, seems we are everywhere we’re not supposed to be."

Popular Forces (ep #29): Danny and Marcus end up doing temporary duty in the motor pool. There, they run into a couple of real jerks, Coffey and Atwood. The next day, Danny and Marcus drive Dr. Seymour into Saigon to pick up some Dapson. While she goes out to lunch, Percell and Taylor again run into the two hot dogs from the night before, Coffey and Atwood. Danny wants some payback by taking them on, but Taylor says he has a better idea and asks Percell to just back him up. After Taylor challenges Coffey and Atwood to a jeep race, Percell is less than thrilled with his buddy. That is, until Taylor reminds him about a sharp curve in the road about a mile out. Danny then grins and calls Marcus evil. The set-up works and Coffey and Atwood miss the turn and end up in the river, Percell and Taylor laughing and taunting them for their folly. Later, Danny and Marcus take Dr. Seymour back to base, but she is going into shock after having to kill a VC in the street. Danny keeps talking to her to keep her from slipping away, assuring her she has done the right thing. When Anderson gets back from being out with the Popular Forces, Danny asks him when was the last time he has seen Dr. Seymour. With Taylor beside him, he tells Anderson he might be out of line but that Dr. Seymour might be going through some changes.

Terms of Enlistment (ep #30): With Woods standing on a pressure plate, Danny runs up to Goldman to warn him that several VC were on the way in. The next day Zeke announces there will be a boxing match and Danny suggests they have Woods go up against the Air Force contender. The next day it is Danny who finds out that Woods was an amateur boxer in Arkansas and is going to go to the Olympics.

Nightmare (ep #31): After being ambushed, Danny and the rest of Goldman’s platoon chase the VC to a nearby ville where they resume the firefight. Danny almost shoots a young woman dressed in black pajamas as she runs out into the middle of the fight. She shouts she’s an American, but when she comes under fire, Danny races over to her and tackles her to the ground, saving her life. She struggles against him, but Danny keeps her pinned. She eventually breaks free and Danny chases her down. He pushes her down just in time and kills the remaining VC. Later, Danny waits for Abigail at the Dispensary. He asks her how she ended up in Vietnam in all of this. That if he didn’t have to be there, he wouldn’t be. He also wants to know if it’s true, that the Quakers help the VC. That afternoon, outside, Danny asks Abigail how long she’d been there. He tells her how he has changed and the killing doesn’t seem to bother him the way it used to. He also warns Abigail that she does not want to go to the Cholan district. At the barracks, Danny and Marcus talk about what happened. How he almost killed Abigail back at the ville. He notes to Marcus that he has killed children. Marcus reminds him that it was a long time ago, and that it was an accident. Danny asks Taylor if he wonders what it will be like back home if they get out of Vietnam. And will they take the same disregard for life they have here back home with them. He also wants to go find Abigail and Taylor agrees to help him. In Saigon, at one of the bars they are searching, Danny hears a cry for help. He goes into the back and finds Abigail, who is being raped. Enraged, he pulls the two men off her, knocking one down before getting into a wrestling match with the other man who has a small gun. The two struggle before the gun goes off and kills the rapist. Abigail is shocked and not thankful. When the madam runs in, she accuses Danny, calling him a murderer. The local police arrive and immediately grab Danny, throwing him up against the wall. Danny and Marcus try to explain what happened, but Abigail refuses to help and tell the truth and Danny is arrested. At the stockade, Danny and Zeke talk about what happened back in Saigon. And what will happen to Danny if he is found guilty. Danny is horrified; after all, he was only trying to help. He tells Anderson he really stepped in it this time. Zeke tells him hip-deep. The next day, Zeke returns to the stockade to tell Danny that Abigail is still refusing to help. Zeke then asks Danny to go over the entire incident again and try to remember something that could help. Danny then remembers there was another woman there, the little girl’s mother. He tells Zeke she would have seen everything but she had slipped away before the police came. In the end, Danny is cleared. He sees Abigail getting ready to leave and comes over to say good bye and wish her luck. But Abigail is ashamed of what she put Danny through and apologizes to him. He tells her he admires her for her convictions and he understood her. When she tells him she feels she should go home because she doesn’t think she is doing any good there, Danny tells her she is wrong. That she is making a difference, and the Vietnamese mother and her little girl were proof of that.

Promised Land (ep #32): When Danny comes in, Johnson, who is in complete fury and grief over the death of Martin Luther King, grabs him and almost slugs him. A few days later, Danny talks to Johnson. He apologizes for what had happened to King and hopes that despite everything, they can still be friends. Johnson assures him that nothing has changed. At the end of the episode, several of the men are playing basketball, including Johnson, Taylor and the L-T. Johnson tosses Danny the ball, and with a smile, Danny joins in the game.

Lonesome Cowboy Blues (ep #33): Danny and Taylor try to thank Rosselli for saving them earlier that day during a mission. They approach Sgt. Putnam to ask if Rosselli could come with them as they got a cush deal at the Chit Chat Club. That evening, at Goldman’s request, Percell and Taylor accompany Devlin to the Chit Chat Club. While she talks to a woman there, Taylor and Percell discuss Roselli and what they could do to help the guy. But then they have to help out Alex who is being roughed up by one of the club’s hired hands. Both Taylor and Percell take the guy out and then grab Alex and leave. The next day, Percell decides he wants to help Roselli. Taylor gives him a hard time about it and Percell gets mad. But Taylor grabs him and says he’ll help out. In Saigon, the two approach a chef behind one of the French restaurants and asks if he will cook a special meal for the officers. While Putnam is eating, Taylor and Percell burst out laughing when they realize that the chef they hired used Roselli’s dog for the meal. Roselli’s wife sends a picture and a pecan pie to Danny and Taylor as a thanks for helping her husband out. Danny gets to keep the pie. Taylor then throws the fish at him that they didn’t use earlier.

Sins of the Fathers (ep #34): Danny plays poker with Taylor, Ruiz and Johnson when Cassidy comes into the barracks.

Sealed With a Kiss (ep #35): Danny does not appear in this episode.

Hard Stripe (ep #36): Danny joins Taylor and Ruiz in saying that Johnson deserved his stripe and is being way too nice a guy about not getting it before Smitty did. Danny then tells Johnson that when he does get his hard stripe, he’d make the best damn sergeant in the Army. The next day, Danny and Ruiz get ready to climb the tower to do guard duty when they realize there’s a man down at the wire. At the Dispensary, Danny asks Anderson if he thought it was a sniper that got Smitty. That night, Danny plays cards with Roo, Taylor and Johnson at the Base Club as they discuss Johnson writing home to Smitty’s wife instead of the L-T.

The Volunteer (ep #37): The platoon moves into an abandoned ville with Percell in charge of the NVA prisoner they had earlier captured. A flag is hanging from one of the hootches and Brockman wants it until Danny warns him it is likely booby-trapped. The next night Danny, Ruiz and Johnson buy Sweet a beer and talk to him about his joining the platoon. Danny notes that he remembers when he first came over, he felt like Sweet feels now, wanting that experience, and he understands what Sweet wants. The next day, Danny, Ruiz and Sweet get ready for the mission while cleaning their weapons. Danny is uptight and tells Sweet that no one knows what’s gonna happen except you know you’ll be scared. That night Danny checks on Ruiz and Sweet. All three of them duck down when a platoon of NVA moves by them in the dark. The next day, during an ambush, Sweet gets shot and Danny and Johnson haul him back. Both men are proud and quick to reassure Sweet he did a damn fine job and covered for his buddies so they could get to cover.

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Season 3

The Luck (ep #38): Percell tries to convince the others to stay and look for the Sarge and L-T. Danny is convinced they are still alive and out there, but he does leave with the rest of the men. Later, when McKay comes back from the air search, Danny confronts him. He wants to go back out, but McKay tells him they can’t until the next morning. Danny pushes him, and McKay shoves back, saying his bird is broken and it’s almost dark. But that he understands and knows that Danny is just frustrated. He tells Danny he will take them out first thing in the morning. That night at the Base Club, Danny lets himself get good and drunk. Taylor teases him about his choice in music. Danny again goes on about looking for the Sarge and L-T. And about the entire war for that matter. In the morning, they go looking for Anderson and Goldman in McKay’s slick, but Danny is as sick as a dog and hung over. Back at the base, Danny loses his temper and takes it out on his footlocker. Ruiz pulls him off, telling him there’s a war going on. Danny is out of control with frustration and grief. When Taylor jumps in with his two cents worth, Danny grabs him and slugs him. He reminds Taylor he wasn’t there, that he had been sent back in a dust-off. Newly promoted Sgt. Johnson ends up breaking it up when they start to go at it- Taylor saying it is their time and Danny losing it completely. During a firefight, Danny has decided he has had enough and since they have only two "enemy" soldiers pinned down, decides to take them out himself. Wild-eyed and furious, he leaps in and almost kills the L-T and Anderson until Anderson calms him down. That night, Danny and the guys welcome Anderson back, telling him that he is their luck.

Doc Hock (ep #39): Danny plays cards with Taylor and Ruiz in the barracks. He yells over to Doc, calling him "Newbie" and telling him to turn the radio down a bit. When Taylor then asks Doc if that is the new dress code back in the world, Danny remarks that he thinks the dress is the one thing Doc did leave home. Doc adds that some people back in the world were trying to bring them home and Danny asks "Is that why all those hippie commie faggots are burning our flag?" Doc makes the mistake of sniping back about if they're protesting in the streets, at least they weren’t out in the rice paddies killing babies. Danny lunges for him but Ruiz grabs and restrains him, telling him the newbie just wasn’t worth it. But Danny is livid. That night at the Base Club, Danny is drinking with his buddies when Anderson comes in. Danny is angry, complaining bitterly about going out the next day with a C.O. medic and a cherry butterbar. When Taylor notes that if the new medic turns tail and runs, he would buy it in the back, Percell completely agrees with him.

The Ties that Bind (ep #40): Danny along with the guys of Third Squad, and Doc Hock, are transferred to Camp Barnett. Danny notes it looks the same as Tan Son Nhut, all olive drab. He along with Ruiz has been promoted to Sp/4. As they go to their quarters, they discuss what SOG and who Colonel Brewster is. Danny then speaks up and notes that if Camp Barnett is so elite, what the hell are they doing there? Later, on the way to the Mess Hall, they almost get run down by a jeep. It takes them a moment, but they think they recognize the driver. They go to the motor pool and find Scott Baker, whom they haven’t seen since Ladybird. The next night at the Team House, everyone celebrates Danny’s birthday. Baker gives him an enormous jar of high-energy muscle building protein pills. Danny is a bit startled but covers it well and thanks Baker. The L-T then shows up and wishes Danny a Happy Birthday. Danny offers to buy him a drink, but Goldman begs off and tells them they have orientation in the morning and that Johnson would be filling in for Anderson. Along with everyone else, Danny is stunned with the announcement. During the mission a couple days later, Danny along with the rest of the Team watch Goldman slip over the edge when the L-T kills two bodyguards and nearly kills the tax collector too. When they get back, Danny finds his mom had sent him more cookies. But when he opens the tin, it’s empty. Furious, he finds out it was Monk from the motor pool who got his package and he nearly drowns him in a vat of motor oil. It takes Ruiz and Taylor to pull him off. That night, Danny joins the guys at General Elliott’s for a party that Baker has arranged. He tries to eat caviar, but spits it out when Taylor tells him it's fish eggs. Danny then starts going off again about the war and the people whose kids are not fighting it. Angrily he points out that they are the "hicks, the spics and the niggers" and that’s why they are there.

Lonely at the Top (ep #41): After a near tragedy in a village, Danny is more than wired. He finally goes to Doc and asks for something to help calm him down. The next day, Danny is complaining that he is always tired and that he feels like he is swimming in mud. He asks Doc for something to help and Doc warns him to get a grip on himself. Danny, along with Doc, Johnson, Ruiz and Taylor, appear in Zeke’s nightmare. He is wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt.

A Bodyguard of Lies (ep #42): Danny sees Anderson for the first time upon Anderson’s return when he comes to the showers. But Danny seems less than happy to see Anderson and tells him he gets no joy out of seeing someone come back to this place. Along with Taylor, Ruiz and Johnson, they get into a shoving and spitting match with some of Beller’s men. Later, at a bar, the guys note that Danny is changing, and Johnson demands to know what is eating at Danny. Danny gets up and goes to the men’s room, where he washes his face. But he is slipping away from himself, lost and unable to face what is happening to him. Bewildered, he hits the mirror with his fist. The next day, Danny is on point. But he panics when he steps on a stick. Taylor warns him to calm down and get it together. When they are later ambushed, Percell grabs and saves Thang from being killed. Back at Barnett, Thang tries to thank Danny for what he did, but Danny won’t have any of it. The next day on the way out to the helipad, Doc tries to confront Danny about using painkillers. Danny won’t listen to him. Doc tells him he is just trying to help. Danny tells he can help by getting off his back. When they are sweeping the village of Phu-an, an old man leaps out with a rifle. Thang jumps out and pushes Danny aside, but in doing so is killed. Danny is horrified, calling out for Doc. But it is too late. Anderson reaches for Danny, telling him to let it go and to come on up out of the mud. They continue to sweep through the silent and spooky village until they all come upon the tragedy that is Phu-an. Danny is the last to come up and see the slain bodies in the ditch. That night Doc tries to talk to Danny about what happened, and about his drug habit. Doc warns him that he is strung out and his buddies were covering for him. Doc wants to help him, but Danny only pushes him away. In the barracks, Danny finally loses his temper completely and starts shouting at his friends about how everything is one big lie. The war, their country, all of it. Broken inside, he leaves and goes into Saigon as thunder rolls in the distance. At a bar in town, Danny runs into Stoney, who takes him outside and sets him up with his first hit of heroin.

A Necessary End (ep #43): Doc walks into the Team’s barracks to find Danny sprawled on his bunk, smoking dope and feeling no pain. Danny calls him Hock Dockenbury. Doc tells him he hasn’t seen Danny straight in weeks. Doc tries to get Danny to see that the drugs are a bottomless pit and that Danny is getting in way too deep. Danny is so high, he simply doesn’t care and laughs at the medic, who gets up and leaves. Taylor and Ruiz come in, Taylor warning Percell to stop smoking in the hootch or they would all catch it. Ruiz sits down on Doc’s rack and tries to talk to Danny, saying he just wants to help and to understand why Danny is destroying himself. Danny just blows him off and leaves to get some candy bars at the PX. That night, in Saigon, Danny meets Leander at a bar. Leander tells him about Canhoi, a place down on the docks in Cholan. The two men go outside, with a few other GIs, who are buying and selling drugs. While Percell tries to convince Leander to take him to Canhoi, the MPs show up and bust everyone standing there. The next day, Percell comes back from the stockade, but after his buddies have already left for a mission. The next morning, Sgt. Hannegan is there to greet him when he gets up and informs a very distraught Percell that he is going to be burning the outhouse. Horrified, Danny says that’s only for cherries and screw-ups, and Hannegan wants to know where Danny fits in that description. The sergeant then tells Percell what needs to be done and Danny spends the rest of the day burning the latrines. Later, after grabbing something to eat, Danny runs into Leander. He begs Leander to tell him about Canhoi and how to get there. Leander warns him off, but Danny is determined to go. After his buddies get back from their mission, and while they are in town fighting with Beller’s men, Danny gets high and starts to slip over the edge. Whistling, he gets out a set of electric clippers and calmly brush cuts his hair. That night Ruiz comes into the barracks to find Danny in civvies and packing to go. Alberto begs Danny not to go, saying he will help Danny get through this and to get him straight. But Danny is lost, and can’t see his way back. He tells Ruiz that he’ll die if he stays. The two say goodbye, Ruiz realizing he cannot stop his friend or help him. He watches Danny leave, going AWOL.

Cloud Nine (ep #44): Danny is now AWOL and completely stoned. Leander finds him in one of the drug dens, passed out and high as one of the hookers tries to rip him off. Leander notes that Cholan and Percell were made for each other. Taylor, Ruiz, and Johnson later find him in the same place, still completely stoned out of his mind. They try to convince him to come back to Barnett, but Danny says he is home and that he ain’t never been better. His buddies are forced to leave him behind. Johnson and Anderson come later that night to get Danny and bring him back. Anderson nearly loses it when he sees the condition Danny is in, and starts to pound Danny up against the wall, demanding to know why Danny didn’t come to him in the first place. Nearly in tears, Zeke then shoulders Danny up and with Johnson, they get Danny out of Cholan and back to Barnett. Back at the barracks, the guys have Danny tied to his bunk, where he struggles against the ropes. His buddies, along with Doc, decide they want to save Danny and so stay with him, helping him to go through the painful process of withdrawal and drying out. While Doc and Ruiz play a game Doc has made up, Danny tries to convince him to let him go, or to get him more drugs. Later, he tricks Johnson and manages to get free after hitting and knocking Marvin down. It takes all four of his buddies to try and pin him back down to the bunk. Anderson comes in later and tries to talk to Danny, who is shaking and hurting from the withdrawal. Danny begs Zeke to help him, to get him just a small hit to help ease the pain, and when Zeke tells him he can’t do that, Danny turns on him in fury and pain. Left with few options, his teammates take him to the orphanage that night. The next day, Sister Bernadette hears Danny crying out and goes to him. He is in a room in the back of the orphanage, struggling against the ropes that tie him to the bed there. Sister Bernadette tries to calm him, and offers to loosen the ropes, if Danny promises not to leave the room. He is confused, not knowing where he is or who Sister Bernadette is. Once free, he demands to know if she has any drugs and threatens her when she will not help him. He then throws her against the wall as he starts to leave the room before he realizes what he has done. But he is now on the other side of the withdrawal and pain and realizes what he has just done. Shaking, he kneels down by her and apologizes for what he has done, and asks her to tie him up again. She helps him to the bed and simply drapes a blanket over his trembling shoulders, offering simple comfort to the broken man. Anderson later brings a now sober Danny back to Barnett. Outside the barracks, Zeke tells him they are there for him, and to take a shower- that he would feel like a soldier again. Danny simply drags himself into the barracks. Brewster follows him in to speak with him. Danny is so ashamed of himself; he can’t really look at the colonel. Brewster tells him about his time as a POW in Korea. Percell tries to tell him it’s not the same, but Brewster keeps on with the story. The colonel finally tells Percell that Danny is in pain. He’s in so much pain because he cares too much. And that he has to do something with it, or he might as well face the wall and die. Brewster then leaves, and Danny sits alone for a moment and picks up his dog tags. Making a decision, he steps back out to take a shower, to find his friends there waiting.

Thanks for the Memories (ep #45): At Tan Son Nhut, Danny walks with Anderson, dressed in pajamas and talking about Colonel Brewster. Danny, now in recovery, is worried that Brewster is in hot water because of him. The two men arrive outside the Psych ward, Danny asking Zeke why he has to keep going back. He’s cleaned up his act, and doesn’t like anyone messing with his head. Anderson explains that Danny needs to understand what put him there in the first place. And to trust him. On the ward, Danny won’t participate in the arts and crafts. Dr. Louie sits down next to Danny, who is lying on his bunk and tries to talk to Percell. Danny is anxious to get back with his unit, but Dr. Louie asks if he feels he let his buddies down. Danny says he got hooked on heroin and went AWOL- yes, he let his buddies down. Dr. Louie explains that everyone handles disillusionment differently. After the doctor leaves, Danny gets up and joins the other patients. Later, Danny sits with the other patients on the ward as Budd, one of Beller’s men, recounts what happened at Phu-an. As he speaks, he is looking directly at Percell who just stares at him. He asks Danny if he saw the one kid Budd and his friend had used for target practice. He then asks Danny if Danny had ever killed a kid? Danny flinches and looks away, but he can say nothing as Budd tells him that he killed the kid, but they both died that day. The next day, they are talking again. Now Danny speaks up when Dave, another patient, blames the Army for what happened. Danny tells him that the Army isn’t responsible for what Budd did, any more than it was responsible for what he did. Budd tells Danny they are too much alike and that they care too much. Danny counters, saying they are not alike at all. But Dave drives it home hard to Danny; saying he was like a kid who finally realized his parents weren’t perfect. And that Danny realized this way too late in the game, and because of that, was destroyed. When they go to leave, Danny tells Dr. Louie that everything he was taught to believe has been taken away and turned upside down. What does he have left? Dr. Louie says what they all have, themselves and a few friends. That night, Anderson comes into the kitchen of the Mess Hall to find Danny pouring the cranberry sauce. Danny explains Dr. Louie let him out so he could be with the Team for the holidays. But he is so ashamed and tells Anderson he can’t go out there. He has let them down. Anderson tells him it’s all right, and that everyone lets somebody down sooner or later. He leaves, telling Danny everyone is waiting for the cranberry sauce. Danny hesitantly comes out, nervous and unable to really look at anyone. His buddies are all thrilled to see him, including McKay, and they greet him warmly and invite him to sit down. Only Goldman is silent. Danny takes the seat directly across from the L-T, who looks quietly at Percell before he finally welcomes Percell in a flat voice. The next morning, Danny is with the rest of his team and several other soldiers as they see Colonel Brewster off.

I Am What I Am (ep #46): Danny is the first person caught by "enemy" soldiers during a practice run for a future mission. When they take a break at their barracks, Danny is furious with his mistakes. Later, Danny sits alone out at the perimeter fence before Anderson comes out and joins him. Danny asks if the sergeant had played any sports and that he had played football when he was in high school. He broke his ankle during his senior year, but fought hard and pushed himself so that he could suit up and play in the Homecoming game. Danny tells Zeke how he was afraid to plant that injured foot, and so they lost the game when the pass he threw was caught by the other team. Anderson tells him he wouldn’t have gone if he didn’t think he was ready. But Danny is afraid and he asks Anderson how you can really tell if you are ready, and that he is nervous. Anderson tells him he is nervous every time he goes out there. And that Danny is going to have to trust in himself and rely on his buddies. The next day, Danny teases Doc when they practice repelling off a platform. Grinning, he tells Doc, "Wait till you do it coming out of a ship! What a charge!" Later, the guys are getting ready for the mission and talking. Danny wants to know where Johnson’s high ideas are coming from when Johnson says he may go home and go to college. The night, Taylor, Ruiz, and Percell are talking as they get their gear together for the mission and about fitting in back in the world. Taylor notes that Doc doesn’t exactly fit in, refusing to carry a weapon, but Danny is quick to defend the medic, saying Doc is willing to die for them. The next day, as the team lies silently in the weeds watching the sentries, Doc nudges a silent and uptight Danny. Doc reminds him how he used to love these little field trips. He then reaches over and squeezes Danny’s arm and tells him, "Ain’t nuthin’ changed." It seems to do the trick, and Danny gathers himself and crawls over to Anderson, telling him he can take the sentry out. With Anderson’s approval, Danny crawls to the river’s edge and slips soundlessly under the water. Danny emerges on the other side and knifes the sentry. He then silently waves his teammates over. It is Danny who keeps Doc from nearly ruining the entire mission when he grabs Doc from behind, silencing him as he shoots an NVA soldier who would have killed an unaware McKay.

World in Changes (ep #47): While out on patrol looking for a sniper, Percell and Ruiz crowd Johnson who has three days and a wake-up. Back at Barnett, Danny and Ruiz continue to stay close and join Johnson in the shower, telling him they are his insurance. At the Team House, they all toast to Johnson’s last mission. While Taylor and Johnson then start to snipe at each other, Percell and Hockenbury play darts behind them. Both he and Doc watch as Taylor and Johnson get into a spitting match, and when it turns physical, Danny pulls Taylor off of Johnson and drags him off. Percell appears in Johnson’s nightmare with Doc. Danny wakes Johnson from the nightmare, trying to calm him down. He tells Marvin they have all missed missions, but that Johnson had to do what he feels is best. On the mission, Danny is carrying the radio. Ever since he has come back to the Team, Doc has stayed near him out in the bush. Percell stays close to Doc now for this mission with Duke Fontaine. When Fontaine tries to take control from Goldman, Danny stands with Anderson, rifles on the spook, and makes it clear who they take their orders from. After dark, Danny goes in with Goldman, Fontaine and Anderson to try and rescue Taylor and Johnson who are being held prisoner in a small ville. Danny pairs up with Anderson. On the ride back the next day, McKay’s chopper gets shot at again by the sniper. McKay gets angry and they all panic until McKay gets his temper under control. That night, Danny joins his buddies as they celebrate for Marvin, who will be leaving for home the next day.

Green Christmas (ep #48): Danny is on point as the team works its way through the jungle. While Doc patches up a prisoner they have captured, Taylor and Percell watch and guard. The prisoner asks if Danny believes in what he is fighting for. Danny says he believes in his buddies. Danny accuses the man of killing people who don’t all think the same way. He calls it killing for an idea. And that people have a right to speak out. The prisoner calls Danny na´ve. Danny brings a tin of his mother’s cookies to the Psych ward where he had recently stayed. It is Danny, along with Ruiz and Doc who finally liberate several Christmas packages and supplies from Master Sergeant Hannegan, keeping him at gun point and singing Jingle Bells while Doc takes the presents to be loaded on the waiting truck. At the orphanage, while being pinned down by snipers, Goldman tells McKay to take Percell and Ruiz to go after one of the two snipers.

Odd Man Out (ep #49): Danny listens to Marcus as he reads a letter from Johnson. That night, it is Danny who slips back into Saigon to try and bring Taylor back before he gets into trouble. He finds Taylor at the Far West bar. He tries to talk Taylor into coming back. The other blacks threaten Danny, who then tells Marcus that if he gets into a fight, he’s hitting Taylor first. Out in the street, Danny tries to explain that he is trying to save Taylor’s butt as Sarge is looking for him. He wants to know what Marcus’s problem is. Danny tells Taylor he’s been moping around and feeling sorry for himself ever since Johnson shipped out. He finally tells Marcus that his real friends are back at Barnett, they are the ones who really care about him.

And Make Death Proud to Take Us (ep #50): The team gets off of the chopper to see a couple dozen newbies. Doc mutters, "Kids," and Danny replies- "Not for long." Doc keeps Danny from getting in Hannegan’s face when they get to their barracks and find out he’s been moving more people in. He also tells Taylor to let it go when Taylor gets angry with Griner. On the way out the door the next day for a mission, Danny notices young Eddie Bell still isn’t ready to go. He comes over to help the young man, being patient and good-natured with the very green kid and helping him to repack his gear for the mission. When the platoon divides up, Percell goes with Anderson, Taylor and about 15 newbies to reclaim an abandoned jump cp. Later, when they all take a break to eat, Danny uses some C-4 to heat up some water in a c-rat can. He then helps to hold down Bell, who panics when he realizes he has something on his back and gets a tree leech off the panicked kid. Along with only Anderson, Taylor, Bell and Griner, Danny would survive one of the most horrific nights imaginable when their position is overrun by the NVA and they run out of ammunition and hope.

Dead Man Tales (ep #51): The men get ready to hunt down the sniper who just killed Major Duncan and Danny remarks that one gook shoots one major with one 12 cent bullet, the Army spends thousands to get the sniper. When Griner says one man would have better luck tracking the sniper by himself, Danny notes it’s not like tracking a deer through the woods. Later, in Saigon with the rest of the team, Danny and Taylor tell Doc and Bell about the friendly fire incident. Danny remarks that it is bad enough be sent halfway around the world to fight in a war no one cares about, only to be shot by your own men. At the Happy Time, Danny notes McKay must be feeling pretty bad about what had happened. That night the guys are drunk and singing in To Do Street when they see Eddie Bell standing on the handrail of one of the overpasses that span the street. Danny starts to yell at Bell to come on down as they all had been drinking. The rest of the team joins Danny in trying to coax the very drunk Bell safely off the overpass. When some other soldiers egg Bell on, Danny starts yelling at them to knock it off. Unfortunately, Bell falls to his death and it is Danny who gets to him first, cradling the boy’s head in his lap as he calls for Doc. He is shocked when Doc tells him Eddie is dead. The next day, they all discuss Bell, and Danny notes what are they going to put in Bell’s 201- Bell died doing a drunken header from a whorehouse on To Do Street? When everyone takes Anderson out to where they left Bell’s body, it is Danny who explains to Anderson that they were all in on it and were hoping the sniper would put a round in the kid, making it look like Bell was KIA. That night, while they are all lying on their bunks, they continue to discuss Bell and Danny says the whole thing has left a bad taste in his mouth. When Taylor decides he’s still going to make it look like Bell was KIA, Danny and the others join him.

The Road to Long Binh (ep #52): Percell, along with almost everyone else in Camp Barnett, has gotten food poisoning from the sweet and sour pork served at the camp’s mess the night before. The L-T shows up to tell him that he and Taylor have a prisoner detail. Danny makes an honest attempt to go, but Goldman tells him to forget it. That night, Danny runs up to the latrine to see it is already occupied with Taylor, Ruiz and Doc. Dancing on one foot, he tells them someone has got to hurry. After a few more minutes, he can’t wait any longer and grabs Doc’s TP and makes a run for it. The next day, Taylor, Ruiz and Danny talk about Heaven. Danny says there is a Heaven and he is going there. Ruiz wants to know what it’s like. Danny tells them it’s like Baja, California. Wide open spaces and no one trying to kill you. He says there is a Heaven, alright, and he is going.

Acceptable Losses (ep #53): At the Team House, Danny gives Fontaine a wanted poster of the spook he pulled off of a dead NVA. When Danny sits back down with his buddies, he says Fontaine kinda grows on ya. At an award ceremony, the senator mistakes Danny for Taylor. Danny informs the senator that Sgt. Taylor did not return from their last mission. He is then awarded the Bronze Star for heroism. When Kuslits and Pop Scarlet move into the barracks and take over Taylor and Ruiz’s bunks, Danny is furious. The next night, Danny, Griner and Doc share drinks with Pop and Kuslits, laughing with Pop about how many times he’d been busted back to private. Next day, the guys are talking about the glory of war. Danny tells them that his father said the only glory in war is surviving, and Doc agrees. But Danny said it’s not true. That he is surviving, but there is no glory in it.

Vietnam Rag (ep #54): Danny and Doc are walking through Barnett when they notice all the newbies. Doc asks if Danny noticed that they appear to be sending a whole new breed, and Danny laughs, saying they all looked like Doc. Later at the Team House, they discuss the rumors about going back to platoon status. Danny is disgusted, saying he’s looking forward to seeing his buddies being picked off one by one in ambushes and booby-traps. They’ll burn a few villes and lie about the body count, then get up the next day and do it all over again. Later, Danny catches up to Anderson in the compound and asks about the rumors. After Anderson confirms his fears, Danny is understandably upset, but Anderson reminds him that there is the right way and the Army way. Zeke then asks Danny to help with the newbies since Taylor and Ruiz were MIA, and tells Danny things are going to be okay. Danny tells him that it all starts to wear on you. The next day, Danny asks one of the newbies why everyone calls him Preacher. When they kid tells him it’s because he sorta got kicked out of the seminary, Danny asks if he lost his faith or his virginity. When Preacher replies "Yup," Danny just smiles. He then warns Duckworth to take off half the ammo he’s carrying, and to watch his language, Preacher doesn’t like that kind of talk. On the second day of the patrol and after being ambushed yet again, Danny attacks the photographer, Bennett, who is with them. He accuses him of living off the dead before Anderson pulls him off the man. It is Danny who finds the blood trail that eventually leads them to a ville.

War is a Contact Sport (ep #55): Danny is on an advance patrol with Doc Hock and Kuslits when they spot a VC in some ruins. They capture and hold him, Danny calling into Goldman and telling him they have a prisoner. Percell is pretty pleased with himself and isn’t really paying attention. He doesn’t see another VC sneaking in around behind him until the man attacks him, knocking his rifle away. The prisoner shoves Kuslits down and grabs his rifle, slamming Kuslits with the butt of it as Danny continues to struggle with the other man. Doc picks up Danny’s rifle. Danny manages to finally kill the one man, but looks to see a frightened Doc holding his rifle on the other VC who still has Kuslits’ gun. Danny tells Doc he’s gotta do him. Doc tries to get the VC to leave, but Danny is begging him not to let the VC get away, or once the man gets to cover he’ll kill them all. Kuslits lunges for the rifle that Doc is holding and is killed by the VC, who then flees. Later, after the mission ends and the men go back to the barracks, an angry Danny snipes off at Doc that Kuslits won’t need his bunk anymore. Doc says it wasn’t his fault and Danny quietly tells him of course not, that it was the VC prisoner’s fault. Doc reminds him that he does not kill human beings, but Danny does. Danny agrees, that’s what he does, but he wasn’t born to it. Doc says neither was he. Danny then says Doc shouldn’t be here and Doc tells him none of them should be here. Danny only starts to get angrier and reminds Doc that they are here. He asks if Doc understands that the only thing that keeps them alive are the men watching their backs. He then tells Doc that when he was drafted, he should have gone to jail. That Nam was the easy way out for him and that Doc is more afraid of prison than Vietnam. Doc says he’s proven he’s not a coward. But Danny asks to whom, and then walks away. Later, Anderson takes Danny and Griner to collect a pair of bodies for Graves Registration. They stare at the two wrapped bodies on the floor of the chopper before Danny mutters "Aw hell," and reaches to get one. It’s Taylor who sits up with a huge grin and says hello to a dumbfounded Danny. Ruiz is the other one and in moments they are all shouting and hugging and slapping backs. The next day, when the guys all go into Saigon to get a drink, Danny decides not to go in the bar when he realizes Doc is there. Doc wants to make things right, but Danny won’t listen and tells him he’s not in the mood. He hasn’t been in the mood since he got off the plane. Since he killed his first human being and when he got messed up on heroin. He finally tells Doc he’s not in the mood since he watched Doc freeze up and a good man die for absolutely nothing. He walks away from Doc, who then grabs him and slugs him. Doc then shouts at him in anguish that Danny doesn’t know anything. That he can’t understand the courage and self control it takes to do what he did yesterday and Danny should remember that the next time he sees the bushes rustle and he squeezes off a few rounds. The two end up in a fist fight, but it’s not much of a contest and Danny drops Doc several times before the shattered medic stays down. The next night, Danny watches as when Doc finally comes apart and tosses his stuff out the window.

Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue (ep #56): Along with the rest of Team Viking, Danny gets sprayed by the Ranch Hands while out on a mission. While they take a quick break, Danny is fascinated when Pop Scarlet says he drank Elvis under the table in Germany. Danny asks if he got his autograph and Pop says "Damn straight!" The next day, when Robby challenges Pop to a race, Danny bets on Pop to win. Later, in the barracks, Doc packs his stuff and moves out. Ruiz gives Danny a dirty look as the medic leaves. Danny glares at him and asks why Ruiz is looking at him and Ruiz says "Nuthin’, man." That night at the Team House, Griner and Danny listen to Pop’s story about Elvis.

The Raid (ep #57): Pop Scarlet comes back to see Danny and the rest of the team playing cards. He’s surprised that Ruiz and Percell are still there as he thought they’d have shipped home. Ruiz says not for much longer and Danny adds they’re going to have to build an ark to get out of there. The next day, when Doc sits down with the rest of the guys during chow, Danny gets up and leaves. Later, Danny, along with the rest of Myron’s team, are handpicked by Colonel Brewster for a mission to rescue 38 POWs in North Vietnam. A few days later, Danny catches up to Anderson, who is all bent out of shape concerning Fontaine. Danny tells him to not get worked up over Fontaine. Anderson tells Danny he doesn’t know what he’ll do if one of them gets hurt because of Fontaine. Danny assures him it won’t happen because Anderson is going to be there and always has been. Danny switches the conversation a bit, telling Zeke he wants to thank him before he leaves. Danny asks Zeke not to think he’s running out on him because he’s going home. Anderson assures him he would never think that. It was time for Danny, who has done more than his fair share. And to have a couple of beers and a thick steak waiting for him when he shows up. Danny smiles and tells Zeke his home is always open to the sergeant. Danny will be one of the lucky ones who survives the raid, without a scratch no less. Doc comes to say goodbye to Percell and Ruiz. Both men are in Class B uniforms and just finishing up their packing. Nearly in tears, Doc tells them he is proud to have known them and to have served with both of them. And that he is going to miss them both. Surprisingly, Danny extends his hand. He tells Doc he’s a good man. And that he doesn’t belong there. To go home. It is clear that Danny still cares for the medic, and although he doesn’t say it, he forgives Doc for what had happened. Taylor and Doc walk out to the pad with Ruiz and Percell, where Goldman and Anderson show up. They are the last from Ladybird, excluding Doc as they say goodbye, shake hands and warmly embrace each other before Danny and Ruiz climb aboard the waiting Huey.

Payback (ep #58): It’s been a few months and Danny is now back in the States, working at a construction job. He seems okay, his friend teasing him about a girl who has caught his eye. Danny agrees to his friend's suggestion to go out on a double date the next night. The good mood evaporates when the foreman brings over a Vietnamese named Tran and asks Danny to help the guy get started on the staircase. Danny freezes for a moment, then asks if someone else can do it instead. The next night, Danny meets Billy Jean at the Cattle Club. She asks what Danny does and he tells her he’s a carpenter. And that he just got back from Vietnam. He’s proud and tells her he was in the infantry. She’s a bit shocked and asks if that bothers him. Danny is puzzled by what she means. He becomes even more bewildered when she grabs her friend and leaves the table for a few minutes. Eventually she returns, and without a word to Danny, walks out. Her embarrassed friend sits down and apologizes, saying it was the war. One night, Danny calls Ruiz back in New York. Both men are sad as they greet each other, stumbling over their words. Danny finally tells Roo he has a job and he’s holding onto it. He then congratulates Ruiz when his friend tells him he's enrolled in night school. But the two fall into a sad silence before Roo finally tells him it is good to hear his voice and Danny says the same. He tells Ruiz that he tried to write the guys a couple of times, but couldn’t finish the letters. When Ruiz says he misses their buddies and being back over there, Danny agrees and sadly adds that it’s too late to go back there now.  

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